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Shiki's Previously Completed Works

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    About Servant Of Evil Audio Drama

    Hello ~ !

    so this fandmade project is based off of the "Story Of Evil"

    i fell in love with not only the plot but the music composed surrounding this piece and for the longest time wondered why it hadn't been turned into a media art other then music as I would have loved to see it brought to life... So after a long time of reasearcing and putting money into a microphone and all sorts of editing equipment i thought it was time i bring it to life since nobody else had,

    So that's where i get to explaining this project of mine


    This is an audio drama yes and while it won't be a series all of the events will be compiled into this work so i would give it as estimated duration of an hour and forty five minutes,

    so without futher notice i'll explain the plot

    The story takes place in a kingdom known as Lucifenia where two siblings are born but for "unknown" reasons are seperated at childhood and therefore grow up without knowing of the others exsistence but the brother in the twin pair [Allen] goes on knowing of his sisters exsistence while she has no memory of him.

    he later on leaves his foster father and sister and due to dire circumstances is granted permission by the queen to serve his sister as a servant and live alongside her if he gives up all rights to the throne,

    His love for his sister overpowers his possible sucession and he easily obliged vowing to always protect and grant her every wish.

    Later on he reveals that he is her twin brother... Riliane [his sister] then remembers a faint memory of her sneaking out to meet a boy whom shared a similar face with her and starts to tear up running to allen.

    later on as he continues to serve her he goes out to the kingdom of Elphegort where he runs into a girl with green hair known as michaela whom he claims he fell in love with at first sight,

    riliane later finds out about he fiance's affair with the woman with green hair and out of jealously orders that every girl with green hair be slaughtered but that allen specifically kill Michaela himself

    Though sometime during this event allen wonders why he catches tears from his eyes since he obeyed his beloved sisters orders.

    Meanwhile King Kyle Marlon [ the man whom michaela was sighted with and rilianes fiance]

    recieves word from Germaine Avadonia [Allen's foster sister and a solider to the kingdom] that they are planning the "Lucifenian Revolution" and are determined to take down their fourteen year old queen

    King Kyle secretly supported this revolution out of anger that his beloved michaela was killed

    Sometime later the palace becomes surrounded with soliders and there is no apparent escape so young riliane awaits them to break in but is pulled into another room far off by her brother

    Allen then dressed as his sister tells her he has a plan for her to escape safely and tells her that the two of them will switch places, Telling her to quickly strip and take his clothes

    A now devasted riliane comes to the realization of what she has done and her brother holds her close telling her she will be fine that because they are twins nobody will suspect a thing. Now dressed as her brother Allen kisses Riiane goodbye and Riliane runs to escape in tears

    Allen now the queen is taken into custody by an unsuspecting Germaine and is referred to as "Evil" while he smiles thinking that if his sister is evil he must be as well because they share the same blood,

    A few days later Allen" is brought to the center stage in handcuffs

    and is prepared for execution

    Riliane returns to her Kingdom as she claimed she needed to be there to say her own goodbye.

    As she approaches allen now in the Guillotine out of breathe she remembers his words and how much he loved her smile so se smiles at him one last time before he says her favorite words out loud,

    And the daughter of evil is left all alone to live her life in repentence

    About the Creator: shiki

    Hello ! the name is shiki and i tend to get involved in a lot of voice acting , but other then that i also happen to sing and write lyrics on youtube ! ~~~ but more so i'm looking forward to getting more involved in voice acting

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