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    About Sailor Moon Fan Project

    Hiya everyone! I’m casting for the first episode of a Sailor Moon fan project called Sailor Moon: Solar Sailors. Since I’m sure you’ve all got questions, let’s dive into this:

    What on Earth is Sailor Moon Solar Sailors? 

    Sailor Moon: Solar Sailors is a fan-made sixth season of the classic anime, consisting of six completed episodes.

    You can check out our 
    YouTube Channel and our Facebook page for more information. If you're wondering what on earth Sailor Moon is, I'll go ahead and point you to Wikipedia

    The project has actually already been released. However, we (the project staff) have decided to do a re-master of all six episodes with updated visuals and, more importantly, an entirely redone, higher quality audio track. 

    That would be where you lovely people come in! As I'm sure you've gathered, new audio calls for new voice actors! 

    What are you looking for?

    At the moment, we're looking for all the recurring characters listed below and the characters of the day for episode 1. 

    In our voice actors, we're looking for the following qualities: excellent mic quality, reliability, open to constructive criticism and committed to the project. We’re NOT looking for mimics of the DiC/Cloverway/Viz dub. In fact, we quite like unconventional or different character approaches (ex. a high range for Sailor Uranus) so don't be shy! If you think you can sell it, go for it! 

    Got any audition guidelines? 

    - You NEED to have a high quality mic. 
    - Pops, static, dogs barking in the background = instant no-go
    - Open Schedule
    - Though most of the project is finished, we are adding additional content, which means we have a sudden need for our VAs when a scene becomes finished. Naturally, we’ll do our best to notify you in advance of this, but if you don’t have the time to commit, don’t sign on. 
    - Solar Sailors comes with a director - the lovely
     Kalyn McCabe! If you're cast, you will be expected to work with her via Skype for live recording sessions
    - I 
    strongly encourage you to audition for more than one character, but that's obviously not a requirement 
    -The majority of scenes can be timed any way you wish. However, some will require you to match existing lip movements. As Scar in Lion King puts it - be prepared!
    -In a few of the characters, I'm linking the scenes in which the audition lines were taken from. I recommend watching it before recording to better understand the context of the scene, NOT to try and copy the original voice actors.
    - Lastly….

    All auditions must be turned in no later than June 13th! The sooner the better!

    In Your Audition: 

    - Send auditions to the e-mail: 
    [redacted] with the subject line "Solars Audition" 
    - Save your audio file in the following format: "YourName_Character" 
    - Send in all audition lines in a single .wav or .mp3 file 
    - One audio file for character
    - Please state in the e-mail if you're willing to be cast as an extra 
    - Please state in the e-mail if you'd like to considered for another character other than the one you auditioned for. 

    Okay, enough words! Who can I audition for? 

    The following roles are available at this time, listed in order of prominence:

    About the Creator: smsolarsailors

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold