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Kerubin Pictures's Previously Completed Works

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About Recruiting team for YouTube Channel Projects

Hello fellow voice actors/actresses and behind the scenes crew (editors, producers, etc). My name is Kelvin and I created a small group called Kerubin Pictures Production back in 2015. Kerubin Pictures is a nonprofit group dedicated in making entertainment videos including fandubs, manga dubs, music covers, and other contents on YouTube.

We are looking to expand and build more enjoyable contents for audiences on YouTube, including more anime and manga fandubs. We’re calling for more crew who are interested to be a part of the Kerubin Family!


If you’re new to fandubs, producing/editing or even voice acting, Kerubin Pictures may be a good starting point for you. Think about us as your learning tool if you were ever thinking about making your own fandubs. We’ll help you out if you are having trouble and difficulty. We have done couple dubs so far including “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou” & the manga dub series “Shishunki Bitter Change”.

If you’re interested, please fill in our application for us to review it. In becoming a team member, you will have access to control and manage our social media sites as well, you will also be able to make and propose any fandubs you like or wanted to dub, distributed under Kerubin Pictures with some assistance by us. Full credit goes to the director of the fandub & of course, to the original creator of the work.


Our current project is the manga dub series “Shishunki Bitter Change”. If there’s any other fandub you think that Kerubin Pictures should also work on, we can get started on it with you leading the way! If we’re able to release lot’s of different contents on YouTube, that would be awesome.

Kerubin Pictures used to have a smaller group, but now we want to bring back this fan production and produce more enjoyable dubs that has not been dubbed before. More information will be provided in the application link.


As a reminder, we are a nonprofit fan made production, so no money are involved; however, we are here to help build upon your experiences and also grow this community to make more enjoyable fandubs for viewers!


Here are some roles you can become and what we are looking for and mostly for:

Managers (Leading team of Kerubin Pictures, in charge of all roles)

Producers (Able to create projects and approve projects)

Directors (In charge of ongoing projects/leading team)

Editors/Script Writers (Assisting in ongoing projects)

Human Resource (Handle project auditions - accept/unaccept, recruiting more team)

Social Media Manager (Help manage our YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Artist (Help design banners and other related work)

Voice Actors/Actresses -vocalist/lyricist

And many more roles...

All roles are open and available for consideration!

Last but not least, check us out on our social media pages:





Application Link:

We will get back to you within one week after you submitted your application. Thanks so much! I hope to hear back from you and becoming a part of our team :)


It will be fun!


Kerubin Pictures

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold