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    About Readjustment - Sci-fi audiobook (PAID)

    UPDATE 3/24: All roles have now been cast.  Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned—making final casting decisions was extremely difficult!

    I'm looking for a narrator and voice actors for an audiobook version of my novel, Readjustment.  I will be producing the first three chapters as a proof of concept for the novel (possibly more, depending on the response).

    Payment rates will be:

    - $75/chapter for the narrator

    - $35-50/chapter for main roles

    - $15-25 for minor roles

    For more information, the book site is live at: readjustmentbook.com

    Good-quality recordings with minimal static are appreciated.  More roles will be added as the project gets underway.  And please be aware that most parts will have lines with some level of profanity.

    BOOK BLURB:   

        Helen Bach has everything an aspiring supervillain could ask for: a tragic backstory, a talent for building murderous automata, and very little in the way of a conscience. An engineering prodigy, Helen joins up with Steel City—a once-powerful shadow government that has employed her family for generations—with plans to restore the technocratic oligarchy to its former glory.

        But this is the City, a metropolis where masked vigilantes run rampant, and Helen finds herself targeted by a group of self-styled heroes with a penchant for experimenting on human brains. The vigilantes abduct, imprison, and subject Helen to involuntary neurological “improvements”—paralyzing her with fear and physical pain if she attempts to build complex machinery. Unknown to the vigilantes, however, their added attempt to wipe her memory fails, leaving Helen with hobbled engineering skills and a rapidly deteriorating mental state, but a desire for revenge that’s stronger than ever. Supposedly reformed, Helen plays the part of faithful assistant to her captors, all the while plotting to overcome her debilitating reactions to machinery and get back to her promising career in evil. But when one of the vigilantes decides he’d like to “save” the City the way his friends saved Helen, the aspiring supervillain might just have to act the hero herself to stop him taking over the world.

        That is—if she doesn’t lose her mind first.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold