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About Pure - Original Sims 3 Film (Thriller/Horror/Drama)

Two sisters struggle to survive in this new world of impurity. 

(This film is going to be my Film entry for the Sims International Film Festival. It can win several awards, and if your voice impresses the audience, you have a chance to win some, too!)

"Purity. It was the one thing we had left after the Third World War had begun. A War of discrimination, hatred, fear. Then… it was taken from us… tarnished not by chance, nor natural disasters, but by humans. Our own kind turned against itself. 

 "China was the first country to be bombed. Then followed Mexico. There were rumors that those who had survived the shockwaves of the nuclear bombs were later infected by the radiation. Not killed. Infected. We didn't understand what that meant. It was all kept a secret from us. We were left clueless of what was going on.

"Then came a series of four nuclear bombs. Illinois, Nevada, New York, and Florida. The shockwaves demolished everything in their way, and the radiation spread across the whole continent. Then the survivors witnessed what it did. How it affected the living.

"It was some sort of green particles flying in the air that caused the infection. We had no explanation nor name for them. We just knew we must stay away from the green fogs. Most of the survivors didn't know that back then, and inhaled it without doubts. That's when shit hit the fan.We call them impures. Pale, tarnished with black stains, seeking for their next victim. Ottawa was no longer safe, nor was the rest of Canada. We soon realized that inhaling the green particles wasn't the only way to get infected. Being bitten by them, or getting their blood or spit in you, also did the trick.It had been nine months when we heard it on the radio - there was a cure, and they asked all survivors, infected or not, to head to the border, to the military bases.

"My name is Charlotte. My sister Elizabeth and I were the only survivors who managed to escape Ottawa before the impures took over the city. We immediately headed towards the border after we heard them broadcast that message. That was our only hope, our only way to get through this. I had faith, and I wouldn't let our purity get taken from us. Not again."

EMAIL: [redacted]

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold