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    About Project: deltarune SIDE CHARACTERS

    Looking for the main casting call page? Look no further! It's through this dandy ol' link!: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/project-deltarune 

    Hello! I'm very glad you've stumbled upon this page, welcome to Project: deltarune! A voice acting project that aims to dub the entirety of "deltarune," the spiritual sequel to "UNDERTALE" by Toby Fox! This is specifically the SIDE character casting call page, so it'll run for a little while longer and have way more roles. This will include NPCs, Minor characters, the one shopkeep that isn't a mini-boss as well, and easter egg characters! This page will also be for crew members to volunteer and show their editing skills!

    Now, a very small few of you may be thinking that the "Project: ___" format for a Toby Fox game seems pretty familiar, or most of you've not touched that fandom in quite some time. Well, that's because this project is going to also be a spiritual sequel, one for a 5k+ fanbase-followed voice dub named Project: UNDERTALE that sadly, never got past it's fourth episode due to scheduling issues, cast drama, and a general distaste for the fact it began feeling like a job everyone was forced to do.

    This project will be one of passion(note: unpaid, sadly, though kofi's and other tipjar sites will definitely be linked all over the place for people who want some bang for their buck, just know that if you're just in it for possible pay, you most likely won't be considered since this project is meant to be fun!) and will have more lax upload times, and more focus on quality rather than quantity or speed. 

    For some ground rules for auditioning!:

    1. Have an external mic of decent quality. 

    2. Multiple takes of the lines are not required, but are preferred so I can see your personal take on the character's line and my slight direction! 

    3. Preferred ways of contact are through Discord! My personal is Elijah#8786 and the Discord Server for the project(all who audition may join, those casted are required to!) is through this link: https://discord.gg/xFj9rFY

    4. If you want to edit/add voice effects, feel free! If your audition isn't accepted, but your audio editing skills are amazing, you may be asked to join as an audio.

    5. If you're not the age or gender of the character you want to audition for, don't worry, you're still allowed to voice them! I will most likely gravitate to people who identify with similar genders to the characters they're portraying, but it won't be a deal-breaker here!

    6. The script itself that I give is a ROUGH guideline! I'd prefer the lines be included, but if you want to replace certain lines with other ones you feel will fit better, or will help show me what you can do, please, do it! It'll be a breath of fresh air in the auditions, and it'll keep me on my toes, so to speak!

    7. Auditioning on this page doesn't mean you won't be considered for a main character as well, or vice versa! You'll be considered for both equally, so if you really like certain characters, fear not! You'll still have a shot if one's on this page and the other is on the main page.

    I wish you all luck, and I hope you all will follow this project to the end whether you're a part of it or not! 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold