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Ridkey's Previously Completed Works

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    About Project 87 - Foxy, the Puppet, and the Purple Man

    Real life walking Five Nights at Freddy’s characters…?

    It was a fantasy once, but we’re bringing it to life!

    My name’s Ridkey, and I’m second in command of Project87. Project87 is a fan-made, fan-funded, non-profit Five Nights at Freddy’s project. Long story short, we’re making 17 animatronics as walking, interactive robots. Yes, not animatronics, robots. We do use the term animatronics as a fandom shorthand, but there’s a very big difference between us and other people you might have heard about.

    Our project is headed by a professional robotics engineer with seven years experience. Everyone involved is a member of the fandom, from the subreddit and blog mods to the voice actors. We are also funded almost entirely by the fandom, too. While the boss, as we call our leader, puts as much money into it as he can, the majority of it comes from our donors. Building a robot takes a lot of money, and a lot of time. Time we need to use to keep people’s attention between donor-only updates.

    That’s where the second part of the project comes into play. In addition to building the robot, we have our lore. This lore, currently located mostly on our tumblr blog, started shortly before the third game. It focuses on the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Rebuild, a group paid to ‘bring fantasy and fun back to life’ by recreating all the animatronics used by the franchise thirty years before. But they aren’t getting paid well enough to deal with the many angry ghosts that failed to move on after Fazbear’s Fright burned down…

    Due to the long-term nature of this project, we are only casting three voice actors at this time: Foxy, the Puppet, and the Purple Man. We will open other roles as the need arises.


    On a technical level, we need you to be over 18, have a decent microphone and basic recording skills such as having no background noises, be able to raise your voice and/or scream, and have a Skype or Discord account that you are willing to share. Skype is currently preferred as we haven’t made the switch yet but myself and several other members are available there.

    On a personal level, all voice actors are required to participate in the lore and other project-related things. Specifically, they’ll be requested to be able to create their own answers, in characters, for Ask Project87 on our blog, and be able to make special recordings for our donor perks. They are also asked to record within a reasonable period of time, agreed upon beforehand.

    In addition, for the robot voice actors, they will need to record - as of writing - 1,049 words and phrases in different volumes and multiple emotions.

    Fortunately, there’s no rush to record here. As we are currently focusing on our first robot, Freddy Fazbear, voice actors can go at their own pace to finish their lines. The boss and myself just want to see activity. It’s critical to our success.

    The first section is dedicated to the basic robot lines - Purple Man VAs need not apply. You’ll look kinda silly if you do. After that are the character profiles and lore-specific lines. Note: Potential robot VAs should not add glitches of any kind to their lines. Purple Man VAs can do whatever they want to theirs.

    If you have any questions about the project or the roles listed here, feel free to contact me on here, or through email at my account, [redacted]. We also have the primary Project 87 email at [redacted]. And if you have any doubts about our legitimacy, here's our latest update and our Youtube channel. [It's named after the company the boss founded. While it is not FNAF related, any money he generates will go into the Project, taking a bit of stress off his household.]

    I think that's everything. Thanks again!

    About the Creator: ridkey

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold