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    About Pripara

    Hiiii! So I am back with my another project! Now some of you are thinking 'what is the another project?' Actually my previous project was based on Aikatsu (Idol Anime).  'why are you making this another project so early?' Because I want? ''Means that Aikatsu project is a trol then right?' NO! It isn't! The thing is that I want to create another project because if the Aikatsu project will not work out maybe Pripara will? I want both to a succesful project. So without a far do let's explain this project to Pripara lovers! 

    So in this project we are going to sing all ( almost ) Pripara songs. But you have to follow these rules:

    1. Have a decent mic (I am not telling have yeti or something,,,,, just it have to be a good mic with no background noises)

    2.  Be friendly to others. Because I don't want any problems or want to replace someone. So be friendly and respectful around others so that our group can be maintained.

    3. Be commited. Make sure you submit all the audios before the said deadline. We will give you 2 chances. If you still not give before the deadline,,,, you are replaced by someone.

    4. Be active. I don't mind if you talk rarely or not,, just need to know that you are aware what is happening when songs are due or have been started.

    5. Your audition must be in English. We all will sing in English,,, so I may translate the lyrics but I need someone too

    6. You may only audition for 2 characters. Not more than 2 roles ( It's true that I will not give you the both roles you audition,, but it may be a possiblity,,, If I love your first audition and casted you,,, and I love your second audition, then I will cast you or it will given to someone else.

    7. If you didn't get the role, don't be upset. There are many more opportunities waiting for you // so next time //

    8. No bad words speaking. If you speak bad words, we will give you two chances, but if you still keep going, then I have to replace you.

    9. English pronounciations must be good. I want people who is good with english pronounciations.

    10. Voice. If you want to sound like the character, feel free to do it but don't stress it.,,,

    I also need someone who could help me in Translating the Lyrics and Mixing the audios ( Coz I don't know.... well I know a LITTLE)

    Whoever wants to audition for the above character please audition below (here) or mail me at: [redacted]  



    NOTE: PLEASE HAVE FUN WHILE AUDITIONING. If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comment box,,, And I will make sure to respond it quickly as I can.  WILL SELECT THE ROLES AFTER DEADLINE. We are only doing for season 1 and 2 because season 3 songs are not available nor their instrumentals.


    Mirei Minami // CuteCham //

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold