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    About Pretty Cure Dream Stars! Fandub - Male VAs Needed! (Recasting Shizuku!)

    Hello! CureDubs here with a casting call for Dream Stars again!
    We are currently looking for two male characters to be filled in!
    We are looking for voice actors for the characters "Karasutengu," who is the movie's main villain! As well as "Kiinu," or "yellow dog," who is Karasutengu's minion!

    ☆About the movie☆
    A mysterious girl named Sakura, was running away after her fox friend, Shizuku, was captured. When she managed to escape, she fell into the Human World only to be found by Ichika Usami. Sakura told her she originated from "Sakuragahara" (桜が原 Sakuragahara), a world based on ancient Japan which is in danger due to a mysterious evil figure named Karasutengu have taken over and stole all the beautiful things in her world. She is also searching for the Pretty Cures who represents Sweets, Jewels and Keys. Ichika told her that she found the KiraKira Pretty Cure team, the ones representing the sweets. As two of Karasutengu's minions arrived in the human world searching for Sakura, the other members of the KiraKira team were ambushed, only to be rescued by the Maho Girls team, the ones representing the Jewels and the Princess Pretty Cure Team, the ones representing the Keys. As they gather together with Sakura, the three teams must venture to Sakuragahara to rescue Shizuku and free her world from Karasutengu's evil hold.

    ☆About the project, and its rules☆
    The final will most likely be uploaded into parts, along with a border.
    Please keep in mind that this casting call is for DREAM STARS ONLY! That means if you are casted for a character, you will only be that character for this movie. For example, if you are casted as Cure Magical, you will ONLY be Cure Magical for Dream Stars. If you want to be Cure Magical in a possible future Mahoutsukai Pretty Cure dub, you will have to reaudition for her.

    There are a couple voice actors who have been casted already due to the fact that they are in our future fandub, which has been on-hold until this project is done.
    Feedback will only be given to those who would like it.

    This project moves at a rather SLOW  pace! So please be ready to work on this for MONTHS, OR please be ready to record a lot of lines at a time!

    The full movie can be found here!
    It has Chinese subs, but I am still looking for one without any subtitles!

    You may audition for as many characters as you like
    You will only get ONE Pretty Cure, as well as ONE fairy if you chose to audition for one. Please keep in mind that you may not get both, but please try your best.
    PLEASE have a decent microphone. While it is not preferred, you MAY use a phone mic, AS LONG as there is little-to-no background noise.
    PLEASE audition using the microphone you plan to use for the project. If you have a microphone that will be coming in after the deadline, please PM us, and we may set aside the characters you wish to audition for.
    A Discord is REQUIRED. This is how you will be receiving updates and other information about the project.
    PLEASE be kind to others. Failure to do so will result in being kicked from the group or your audition will not count. We have three admins, and two moderators, so we're always watching!
    PLEASE be active. We're in need of active members, so please don't accept the role, then disappear off the face of the Earth. We understand that everyone has a life outside of voice acting, which is why our deadlines are not-too-tight (But we will bug you everyday if your lines are not in!).

    : Sah-koo-rah
    Shizuku: She-zoo-koo
    Samidare: Sah-me-dah-rey
    Sakuragahara: Sah-koo-rah-gah-ha-rah
    Karasutengu: Kah-rah-soo-tehn-goo

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold