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    About Popular BAD GIRLS CLUB Voice Over Series !!!!

     Ever Wanted To Be on Oxygen's "The Bad Girls Club" Or  Even Become The Voice Of A Cartoon Character ? Now Is Your Chance To Loan Your Voice To One Of The Hottest Animated Web series Ever "The Sims Bad Girls Club".

    "The Sims Bad Girls Club" is a Sims 3 Machinima based on Oxygen's "The Bad Girls Club" . After Two very successful seasons it's time we take things to a new level. Usually the series is filled with subtitles and I know people get tired of reading those and trying to focus on whats going on. So this season we wanted to liven thing up and make it a more entertaining, realistic, and well put together production for the viewers to watch. Over the years we've gained thousands of viewers and even got attention from some of the stars of the show, But now we want to pitch our show to the Producers of "The Bad Girls Club" (Bunim/Murray Productions) and make it a even bigger hit than before. So please audition and help make this project a good one.

    Casting for "The Sims Bad Girls Club" Season 3 begins today. You will find pictures with the audition lines of each character in the series down below. The show will have some use of profanity(It will be censored out), So if your uncomfortable with using profanity please do not apply.

    Audition Rules:

    1) Record the lines for the corresponding character.
    2) Upload the audition to a site like "Mediafire," or even YouTube. Whatever is most convenient for you. If you are more comfortable sending it in an e-mail attachment, that also works! 

    3) You Can Also Apply Through Casting Call Club
    3) Send the link in an e-mail to: [redacted]. NOTE the Subject Line must be "TSBGC 3" followed by the name of the character you are auditioning to be a Voice-Actor for. Ex: "TSBGC3 - Lola"
    4) You may audition for multiple roles, but please NOTE that only one Voice-Actor per Bad Girl will be assigned. We want our audience to be able to decipher which Bad Girl is who based on their voices, and their looks. :)
    5) We will assign Voice-Actors to the roles that we think suits the character best! 


    1) We will begin assigning roles on Monday, May 4th.
    2) If necessary, we will have an emergency casting Mid-May to fill any unfilled roles.
    3) If you are selected to be a Voice-Actor on "The Sims Bad Girls Club"(TSBGC), your script will be e-mailed to you in video form so you can get an expression of the character when you recite your lines
    4) This show will have high use of profanity, but it will be censored.

    Audition Tips:

    1) Record the lines in a quiet place.
    2) Speak loud, and clear. Not LOUD, but be loud enough.
    3) Take your time. Don't be nervous... this is going to be a lot of fun for you, and everyone else!
    4) If you have an accent, GREAT! Variety will help the show thrive! :)
    5) Don't put too much pressure on yourself, just be yourself and recite your lines with ease.
    6) Mos importantly be your character.

    The Bad Girls:

    Good Luck Everyone !!!

    Check Out This Video Of TSBGC Season 2 Reunion Using Real BGC Audio. 

    If you'd like more of a look into the "The Sims Bad Girls Club" , please check out our YouTube channel @ https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSimsBadGirlsClub . There are quite a few videos on there for you to look at.

    If you need to contact us:
    Twitter :  @ realitytoontv
    Email : [redacted]

    About the Creator: realitytoontv

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold