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Shallow15's Previously Completed Works

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    About Politricks: A Political Satire audiodrama


    Washington, D.C. As President Robert R. Sloan's first term enters its final year, things are fairly dicey in the United States circa 2024.The Second Korean War continues to rage, unemployment is officiallyat 15% and in the midst of all these problems, the gulf betweenDemocrats and Republicans has only gotten wider and it's almostimpossible to get anything done for all the political posturing,backstabbing, and other nonsense so endemic to the toxic sludge thatis United States Government.

    Fortunately, the President has a couple of aces in the hole: his Chief and Deputy Chief of Staff. Alex Wilson and Rachel Lane, two women who have no larger aspirations in the political process. Twowomen who cannot be blustered, bribed, or blackmailed intosubmission. Two women who have decided that the best way to play theWashington game is to break all the rules. Two women who can and willdo anything to ensure the President's first term is a successful one.

    God help the Beltway.


    Politricks is a political satire revolving around the adventures of Alex and Rachel as they do everything theycan to get things done while President Sloan is in office. This meansthey often have to take some extreme measures seen by some people asquestionable at best and most likely illegal at worst. This seriesis, by and large, a comedy, but a very black one.

    Those whoaudition should be prepared to curse wildly and creatively at variouspoints throughout the series, and be prepared to do a lot of yelling.This is not a quiet series.  This audition notice is primarilyfor the pilot episode, as I want to see how it plays beforecommitting to the full series. As such, only the characters in the first episode are being considered at this time. Future roles will beavailable as time goes on.

    About the Creator: shallow15

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold