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    About Persona 5 Awakening Challenge

    Calling all professional voice actors and Persona 5 fans alike!

    Fun fact: this is the first actual side project I've done. Hopefully I get to do more in the future.

    So, allow me to explain what's the deal here for those unaware. As of....a few months ago, I wanna say, there has been a couple challenges on YouTube where people are tagged to portray a kind of character. The first challenge involved people portraying a Shadow version of themselves, in which your distorted desires take a physical form. This is the Persona 5 Shadow Challenge, for obvious reasons.

    Eventually, there came a new challenge that built off the first one, and it's something that I couldn't stop watching when I found out about it: The Awakening Challenge. Awakenings are probably the most epic thing I've seen out of an RPG ever (and this is coming from someone who only got into Persona 5 recently).

    How this challenge works is different. Instead of representing a physical form of your distorted desires, you have overcome them, and now have begun to forge a contract with the "other you", which represents your true self that has been hidden away for so long until you finally come to your senses (whatever form that might end up taking), and awakens into what is known as your Persona. That Persona can be someone important from history, famous works of fiction, different mythologies, etc. Make sense? I hope so.

    One thing to note before I continue: Normally, the Awakening Challenge involves you portraying yourself awakening to your Persona. But, since I honestly don't know what my "true self" would be, I did the next best thing and went with an OC of mine specifically for this challenge. Hopefully those who know of this challenge don't end up chewing me out because of this. :P

    What's in it for you?

    Well, in almost all of the videos I've seen of this challenge, only one person has went as far to include a Shadow in the mix during their Awakening. I also realized nobody so far has included other Phantom Thieves into these challenges (especially ones that are unique to a particular moment). You know, to add more of a dynamic to the whole thing. So, I figured I might as well find somebody to play a Shadow to give more of a motivation for said Awakening.

    So yes, normally, these challenges aren't something you audition for, since it's usually all made and voiced by one person. But by adding an extra dynamic in the form of a Shadow that pushes you too far and a Phantom Thief that witnesses all of this go down, it gives people a chance to be apart of something that's usually exclusive to one person. Plus, it really makes this feel like it's a legitimate attempt at telling a story. And that's what I like.

    The details for the role of the Shadow will be below, so there's no need to explain it here. But there are a few things that are important to note: This will be going on my personal YouTube channel (which will be right here for you to keep an eye on when the video is uploaded if you don't get casted), and when the final product is ready, whoever is chosen for the role will be able to get a first viewing before it officially goes public. I don't know how long it'll take for this to get done. But, after the deadline has passed, it'll get done whenever it gets done, so there's no worries about a time limit and the like. Sound good? Great, let's continue.


    If you've never actually gotten into the Persona games, let alone the Shin Megami Tensei franchise as a whole, it wouldn't hurt to do your homework to get more into the role. However, going in blind is fine, so long as you're able to make an interesting performance even without prior knowledge.

    Since this will be a Pro Casting Call, I don't think I need to tell you what I need out of you guys. But I might as well as a friendly reminder:

    1. You must use Noise Removal in Audacity before uploading your audition (If you don't have Audacity and use another program such as Adobe Audition, use whatever you have to ensure no background noise can be heard).
    2. Your mic must be clear enough not only for me to hear, but for everyone else too in the final video.
    3. Enunciation is key, but I'm sure you all know that.

    Anyway, I think that's all I need to say. Audition to your heart's content folks!

    (P.S. Refer to my contact information below if you need anymore details. If you're gonna send me a friend request on Skype, make it clear you're from this audition within the message itself. Otherwise, your request will be denied.)

    (P.S.S. If you're wondering why the Phantom Thief isn't a role up for grabs, it's because I casted him ahead of time. I happened to ask someone I knew was into voice acting to proofread the script for this, and decided to just give him a part to play. Hope you guys understand.)

    Contact Information:

    Twitter: @Mr_Couver

    Skype: tsa-swifty94

    Discord: Marcus#6205

    About the Creator: mr_couver

    I've been a voice actor for roughly 5 years. When I started out, I was not that good. At that time, I hadn't matured enough to bring life to a character as needed. But as the years went on, even without that much practice, I got better. Using what I've learned from normal acting through my experiences with theatre, I was able to feel more comfortable about voice acting.

    Sadly, it's easier for me to be a physical role in a play rather than a voice-only role. I haven't gotten the chance to be apart of any projects at the moment (And whatever ones I were apart of were cancelled before it ever got off the ground). But, given enough time, and something might change about that.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold