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About Panty & Stocking Plush - Maga-Grand King voice needed

Hello, you who happened to click on this. I am LordKraken3, and I am searching for voice actors for my YouTube series, Panty and Stocking Plush, this time for some kaiju. The character featured in this casting call, Maga-Grand King, is the first kaiju in the series I have plans for someone other than myself to voice.

1. Good audio. Please use a microphone with good audio quality. What I want to hear is no background noise, no echo, and a clear speaking voice when I listen to your audition.

2. The ability to imitate a specific voice I want out of you, specifically the voice of Pluto from SMT IV. Why? Because I think it'd be fitting for Maga-Grand King. Here's a voice reference for the voice I want out of you that you should listen to so you can be certain whether you can do this voice or not before auditioning. Also, there will be parts where Maga-Grand King's voice glitches due to battle damage. Don't worry about those - I'll edit those lines to sound glitched myself. If you can't sound identical or similar to the voice I want, you won't get the part.

3. Time. I'm looking for a committed voice actor who will be able to send me lines within a week, so you'd better have a good reason as to why you haven't sent me your lines if a week passes and you haven't sent me your lines yet. 

4. Separate line files. If you get the part, once you've recorded your lines, please send each of them to me in separate .MP3 files. This makes them easier to edit in post-production, since having too big of an audio file causes my editing software to stretch the file out and make the timing incorrect.

5. Good line delivery. I expect you to deliver your lines in a competent fashion. If you can't competently deliver your lines, no matter how good your voice may be, you will not get the part.

6. (optional). Skype. For contact reasons, or as an alternate line-sending platform.

If you get the part, I promise you will be given credit in the end credits and description of the finished episode (which I'll also link to you after I finish it).  I wish you all the best of luck with your auditions.

About the Creator: lordkraken3

Hey there! I'm LordKraken3, a YouTuber and college student who makes art, stories and videos for a living- mostly plush/ action figure videos, though I'm not afraid to try something new for a video every once in a while, such as animation. 

I came here in order to scout for voices for characters in my YouTube video who I can't voice myself. Now, keeping in mind I don't exactly have the best equipment, I doubt that I'll ever actually audition for a spot here myself. Though in the event that I do... well, we'll just see what happens.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold