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Trillingbluebird's Previously Completed Works

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    About *PACIFIST RUN SPOILERS FOR UNDERTALE* Newhome Radio Show (Cast of VAs for Undertale Characters Needed!)

    Project Narrative:

    Frisk, the seventh human child to fall, found themselves on a peaceful venture to advance through the Underground, a place where monsters reigned. They spread kindness to those who sought for malice and began to open the eyes of a once ignorant society. With the help of those across the Underground, Frisk was able to start anew with the monsters on the surface. 

    Since then, humankind and monsters were met with each other on politically shaky terms. Despite this, monsters have fought for and received a way to earn a living and live in respectable homes. They managed to do so by living apart from humans, segregated to a citywide society known to most as Newhome. Since then, most of the monsters have begun to acquire a sense of meaning in this crazy new world. Whether that be furthering Frisk's cause of kindness and charity, embarking to uncover new discoveries, or just finding something new and beautiful within themselves. 

    Okay... Well then, what's with this whole "Radio Show" thing in the project title?

    The project will primarily follow Napstablook's radio show that he found himself running under the encouragement of his cousin. The radio show is centered around the community of Newhome. All of the news is community-oriented, and all of the services advertised made their start in Newhome. Occasionally, segments of the show are submitted by Newhome residents. 

    Think Undertale meets Welcome to Night Vale. The show is made to be in that sort of vein. 

    Anything I need to know before I audition? 

    This idea is still pretty early in development, so expect tons of updates on this casting call page!  

    Aside from that, it is expected that a cast member can apply with all of the following terms: 

    - Be kind and respectful to everyone participating in the project. We're all equals in this production! That means no treating others like rubbish, lest you be treated like rubbish as well.

    - It would be nice if you were to have some experience with voice acting and/or fan projects coming in, however, that is not required in the least! 

    - A decent mic quality is required to join the chat. That means no recording from a built-in laptop microphone or from a gaming headset. Please keep background noise and audition tape interruptions to a minimum!

    - An operational email and Skype account is required to be accepted onto the project. Once you are casted, a PM will be sent to you asking for your Skype account. This, I hope, will be the group's primary source of communication! 

    Still have questions, death threats, or kudos that you'd like to be seen? I'm constantly checking the comments section of this casting call, so if you'd kindly make all of that known there, that'd be lovely! 


    About the Creator: trillingbluebird

    Hi! Erm... I exist. I do such interesting things as live and breathe. In case if you were wondering, I am currently living right now and plan on living until I die. In, which case, I will not be living. Rather, I will be dead.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold