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About Overwatch - Blackbird AU Reading: Narrator Needed!

Hello everyone! I'm searching for a narrator! This is a big part so please be aware and read the following thoroughly. Thank you. 

As I loosely specified in the role, I am looking for a variety of voices.

Original Posting: 

Hey there voice actors and actresses! You're probably wondering, what's this "Blackbird" AU? Well, here, have a look at it before you delve any deeper:


It's an Overwatch AU fiction.

Blackbird focuses on an alternate universe where things are quite flipped. Lena Oxton is the main character and is forced into Talon against her will by a twisted Fareeha Amari. However, she is less twisted than she thinks. When she awakes from the attack, she is greeted by a familiar face and her entire world is turned upside down.

This will be a Multiplatform audiobook that can be accessed on my channel, soundcloud and tumblr. Each chapter will be an episode. 

What I'm looking for:  Someone who can do their lines in a timely manner and has a microphone with decent quality. (I don't want it sounding like you're using a 1920's announcer mic). A little background noise is okay as long as it's not distracting! 

I want to use discord as our main hub and source of lines and direction if needed.

I need emotion and voices that are close if not spot on to the original voices. Do your best! 

I also need open minded individuals who don't mind a bit of widowtracer. (The paring of Widowmaker and Tracer from the game) & Pharamercy (The paring of Pharah and Mercy)

This project will be completed in my own timing, but when it is, I'll be sure to let you know! I'll give anyone who gets the part, proper credits.  Episodes will be put together with love and then sent out to the people.

This is also a project that helps fuel my passion for writing. I also want passionate voice actors to match that passion. We can drive the passion train together!

This will be unpaid (I'm a college student who's job hunting as we speak), however, this is a chance to get your voice out there and that's super important.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold