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Wackart's Previously Completed Works

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    About ( Original animated comic ) The Last Doctrine - pilot episode

     ( NOTE: Hermit concept updated, please see link to external image on the character's post. )

    A team of creative people have financed and equipped themselves to the teeth, to bring forth a new venture into a fantastic world full of intrique, war and wonder.

    Where one man's search for redemption might end up saving more than just his own soul, but the entirety of all living things. But on his journey there, he will need a little bit of help.

    The Last Doctrine is a comic that seeks to debate theology and religion, and all the derivatives thereof, by reflecting current events in the mirror image that is the vast universe set forward in this project.

    The pilot will contain a variety of considered " progressive" aspects, but will in it's entirety play out like a classic hollywood epic, in the format of a visual novel. Accompanied by the masterly crafted tunes of Jack Of Brass music, and the visual style of independent artist, Wackart.

    We aim for the first episode to have a duration between 20-40 minutes. This means that to those who are casted for larger roles, there will be a healthy helping of voicework to do. You will work alongside the musician and voice-actor Jack Of Brass, who will direct the majority of the script. Should you be able to, you can visit his recording setup in Cheshire, England. Should you however be in closer proximity to Denmark, you may visit us for recording sessions in our small setup on Zealand.


    This is a project that has been funded privately by the artist behind the concept and general idea. This means that a lot of money has been put forward to re-equip Jack Of Brass with high-end software for the musical score, and recording gear for the local setups we have for our voice actors, as well as tools to lift the quality of the visuals to a higher standard. 

    Ultimately, this means that the project will -not- make any profit before these expenses were exceeded. This particular episode facing a steep budget, therefore we cannot guarantee you anything cold cash, but will provide you with a copy of the finished product, and naturally, include you in any crediting. It is planned, that the project will be used in a multitude of educational workshops on storytelling as well as showcases, which means that there is potential for a bit of publicity. 

    Side-characters/ One-off's

    Prison Guard ( female )
    Court librarian ( male ) 
    City guard, general 
    mouthy Prisoner ( male ) 

    On top of this we are also searching for vocalists and singers to fill out the soundtrack that will accompany our visuals. Send forth your covers, demos and original pieces if you wish to apply as such. 

    How to ?

    When auditioning for the project, we would like you to send us a demo of your range of voices and vocals. If you want to audition for one of the main three roles, please attach recordings for them in a -seperate- file. This is because we want to use you as much as we can, when we cast you. You might be able to voice a couple of background characters while also handling one of the main ones. Therefore, keep your demo-reel and your "big" audition seperated so that we can clearly differenciate. 

    You can also use the service here on Castingcall to submit your audition.

    We are still working with finalizing scripts and character concepts, as the project will enter it's first phase in mid-december. This means that you still have a chance to shape the character as you like it. Make sure to keep this in mind when taking on the lines. We want to feel -you- in that character. And would love to see what aspect you can bring to them. 

    The deadline is currently by the end of december, specifically the 30'th. If however we still lack personel to help us voice our entire cast, the period of auditioning will be extending into January. Please turn in your recordings on time. 

    If you apply for singing or otherwise musical vocals, please attach a file with you, singing in any given format that you'd want to propose to us. 


    - You must either have access to high-end recording gear yourself, or be able to visit one of our recording sessions in England or Denmark, in order for us to work with your voice in proper quality.

    - We will expect stability from you as you will be required to turn in a number of recordings in the term January- March 2017. 

    - Your english must be fluent and with no audible insecurities.

    - Due to some controversial content that might be apparent in the script, you must be at least 18 years of age by the beginning of January 2017. 

    Casting video
    Animation demo




    About the Creator: wackart

    Currently a small team of creative people, hosting the animated comic project " The Last Doctrine"  over the first six months of 2017.  

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold