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    About Order of the Divided City | Warriors

    The three clans formed when twolegs had abandoned a town after a tornado, leaving the town in shambles. Eventually, the town was scattered with animals, and abandoned kittypets, rouges, and stray cats came together to fend off against other animals. With that, clans were formed. Eventually, the cats grew tired of one another, and fights broke out. Soon, the town was divided into three segments; Russetclan, Lilyclan, and Gooseclan, named after the cats that founded the groups. 
    In the centre of each camp lies one of three decayed items: a rusty piece of metal, a lily, and a goose feather. 
    RussetClan has the rusted metal piece. They are swift and dodge easily, named for their location. Their camp is in the middle of an abandoned construction site.
    LilyClan has the lily. Their camp is in a swamp similar to the ones in Minecraft - filled with water, and the uncommon tree. They are named for the pretty and rare lily flowers in the waters. They cannot swim since they water is merely shallow, but they can walk through it easier.
    GooseClan has the goose feather. They are underground, and on the surface, just outside camp, there is a small pond where a flock of geese lay.
    Order of the Divided City is an upcoming story about three clans living in a twolegplace long abandoned. It follows the story of Birdpaw and her best friend, Fernpaw, as they live their daily life being apprentices and having fun - and investigating some strange things. It is a fan animation based on the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter.

    The series will have multiple episodes and one series - if it gets popular, perhaps two series, with the first episode being around five minutes. You do not need to have read the Warriors book, but it is recommended that you read up on it to have some knowledge. 
    In the case that you have little to no knowledge on it, here is some information:

    Each Clan has multiple ranks:
    Leader - Leader of the Clan. There is one, and they have nine lives.
    Deputy - Second-in-command, there is one. They organise patrols. They become leader after the previous leader's death or retirement.
    Medicine Cat - There is one - they usually have herb-related names and heal members of the clan. They have one apprentice that will take after them upon their death or retirement.
    Warriors - They hunt and guard the clan.
    Queens - She-cats nursing kits.
    Apprentices - Cats between the age of six and twelve months training to be warriors. 
    Kits - Kittens younger than the age of six moons still nursing.
    Elders - Cats who are too old to do their duties.

    The naming systems contains two parts to a warrior's name - a prefix and a suffix, which you can read up here: www.silverpelt.co.uk/fixes.php You can also find other information on the Warrior Cats universe on that website. Leaders' suffix is always star, e.g. Littlestar, kits always have kit, Littlekit, and apprentices always have paw, such as Littlepaw. Any other ranks can have any prefix and suffix.

    Also, it is required that you have Twitter or Discord, preferably Discord, so that I can contact you in the case of being accepted and chasing you up for your lines. If you don't have either but you qualify for the role, we can try to work something out.

    About the Creator: frozenpixels

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold