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    About Novenary: Love live English cover group

    Hello! Novenary is recruiting for another love live english cover! The song is kaguya no shiro de odoritai. We’re looking for vocalists, mixers, and one Animator. Please fill up the form if you are interested! Please ignore the old rules below. Sign up: https://forms.gle/CCD27MJ88h2MuvzQ6

    Welcome to Novenary!

    Novenary is an English cover group that will be covering songs from muse (not Aqours). We’re a casual group that doesn’t spam your discord notification and each member have a dope name. It’s a very quiet server so come and join us to spice it up. Like dem cheetos!

    Why are we recasting?

    Unfortunately, our group has become inactive so instead of having official members, we'll now put out recruiting posts for each up coming songs. Also, I need a Hanayo and a Umi to quickly record wild stars asap. 

    Could sing and be a staff? Awesome. Or just want to be a staff? Great!

    We’re also looking for a few staff roles. It would be nice if we could have a few more people who could help! Most of us are super busy so it would be great if we could have a rotation between staff members. Currently, we only have one mixer, lyricist, and video editor.


    • Our deadlines usually last for 2 months but people are lazy and leave it last minute. Please don’t be like that. Deadlines are long for a reason. If you hand in your part late three times, you will be automatically kicked out. Don’t say, I didn’t warn you. In case majority of people didn’t hand in their parts, the deadline will be changed. However, deadlines will be changed three times max. Anymore…. well rip everybody.
    • Be active is a must because communication between members is important. Please, PLEASE tell me ahead of time if you cannot hand in your part before the deadline. Don’t tell me a day before the deadline. You had two months to tell me earlier. I can easily change the deadline to suit your needs. It’s very flexible but you just need to inform me.
    • Having a clear microphone is a must! Recordings are expected to have little to no background noise. The only exception to this is Gaile. (she has an awesome rooster in the background)
    • Backups are guaranteed to gain a spot in case one of members leave the group.
    • Harmonies are preferred because we need a harmony guide
    • You may request for feedback! Also, I might suggest try out other roles.
    • You must sing in English! We’re an English cover group after all.
    • Read the requirements for each role carefully. They’re super important!

    Good luck!

    About the Creator: ekho

    ~ Rebooting ~

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold