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Brawlmaster012's Previously Completed Works

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    About "Not a Monster" - A Super Mario voice-over. (CLOSED)

    Hello everyone.

    My name is brawlmaster012. I'm looking to put together a small Fan Audio project for a Super Mario fanfic called "Not a Monster." I did not write this story, but I have already contacted the original author Cyndi, and I have permission to put this together. This is a BowserXPeach one-shot story. You can read "Not a Monster" here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3738652/1/

    I would like to narrate it myself, but I'm terrible at impressions so I'm looking for some people to provide voices for the actual characters in the story itself. Please make sure to speak clearly and try to cut down on as much static and background noise as possible. I've never held auditions like this before so please bear with me if I make any mistakes or leave anything out. 

    This story follows Princess Peach as she helps Bowser cope with the persistent fear of losing Bowser Jr. as the young prince fights a serious illness. As time passes, Peach begins to see that there is more to Bowser's character than she ever realized before and she slowly but surely begins to fall for him in the process. I thought it was a very touching story and I would like to bring it to life in a sense by putting together an audiobook that people can listen to on Youtube and actually hear the voices as they're reading along.


    Hey everyone! First off, thank you so much for all the responses and auditions so far. I really appreciate all of you taking time out of your schedule to try out for my project!

    I'm adding this extra bit to give you guys some extra information:

    1. I will not be giving out the roles until closer to the deadline. I have listened to every audition that has been submitted so far, but I want to give everyone an equal chance to audition. Just because I haven't chosen a voice for Peach yet for example, does NOT mean none of them were good enough. If you're worried about that, don't be. I could very well choose one of the older auditions when the deadline comes. In other words, stay hopeful! You're still in the running!

    2. I've updated the criteria for Peach a little bit. If you've auditioned already but would like to give it another shot, you may audition again. Just make sure to do it before the deadline!

    3. I've posted a thread for this project on other places like Voice Actor Alliance. This means that I will be bringing auditions from other places into consideration. So there is a chance that some roles might not be filled by Casting Call Club. Pleas understand that I'm just trying to spread this project out to as many people as possible. I'm completely devoted to giving everyone an equal chance, I want everyone to give it their best shot, and I want to give the roles to the people that I feel are just best for the job. 

    Anyways, keep the auditions coming! Regardless of whether you get the role you tried out for or not, I  want you all to know how much appreciate the interest in my project and I wish you all the very best in your auditions for other projects! Thank you! :)


    We're a little over a week away from the deadline, but I decided to cast the roles for Peach, Mario, and Para-Troopa. They each received quite a few auditions, and although you all did a great job, I can only pick one person for each role. This is what I have decided:

    Princess Peach is going to Bigdreamer

    Mario is going to Alexn

    Para-Troopa is going to Mandaquila

    Congratulaions on getting the parts! But an even bigger thank you to everyone who auditioned! All of you guys and girls have some real talent and I wish you the best of luck in your future auditions! I have casted and sent a personal message to the three users above with more details about what I expect from the role. Please get back to me whenever you can and we'll discuss your preferences for how you want to get your lines done. :)

    I'm keeping the other roles open until the deadline, however. They didn't get as much attention and I want to give time for anyone else who might be interested in auditioning to do so. I especially need a voice for Bowser. He's a really important character. The deadline is 9/4/15. But, if I haven't quite found the voices I need by then, I will consider extending the deadline. If you know anyone who might be interested in trying out for the remaining parts, I would greatly appreciate it if you asked them to audition!


    Well, the deadline is finally here. It's time to announce who I have chosen for the remaining roles. But before that, I want to make sure something is clear. 

    I did mention before that I was accepting auditions in other places besides here at Casting Call Club. The only reason I did this was because I really wasn't sure just how much of a response I was going to get for this project and to be honest, I'm a little overwhelmed at the amount of auditions I received overall! I originally set up a thread on Voice Acting Alliance because I was told by a friend that that was the easiest place to recruit voices for projects like this one. I instructed anyone who was interested there to email me their auditions. 

    Even though I eventually did get a few responses, they came much later than I was expecting. By the time they showed up, I had already set up this casting call here. I wanted to keep it fair for the people from VAA who did try out for my project, so I kept them in consideration for the part. The only reason I'm telling you all this is because 2 of the parts were given to someone who auditioned through Voice Acting Alliance instead of here at Casting Call Club. 

    Anyways, here is what I have decided for the remaining roles:

    Bowser is going to Zackthegeek. The reason I chose him is because he came off as deep, yet the most natural-sounding. He sounded open to more ranges of emotion, to me. The trend I noticed in auditions for Bowser is that most people approached the role by trying to make Bowser sound as menacing and scary as possible. For any other dark or serious Mario story, that would probably suit Bowser very well. But in this one, Bowser acts as close to a human as possible without ever actually being a human. What I mean by this is that Bowser has very real moments of sadness, anger, and joy. He needs to sound natural and capable of expressing other genuine emotions. He's madly in love with Peach, he's a father who is worried sick for his son's health, and he takes pride in being a king with a deep history. I needed a Bowser voice that was gruff, but not too much so to the point where evil is the only thing he can sound like.

    Looking back, I kind of blame myself for any confusion here. I should have included in Bowser's requirements that I suggest reading over the story and getting a feel for how Bowser acts to get a better idea for how to sound. I apologize for not making that clear. I feel that was a pretty big mistake on my part because everyone seemed to have the same general idea for how Bowser should sound. Even though it wasn't what I wanted, I completely understand where it came from. I will work to make sure that the requirements for roles are as clear as possible next time but I'm grateful to all of you for giving me this opportunity to learn and improve. 

    To everyone else who auditioned for Bowser, thank you so much for your time. Even if you didn't have the Bowser voice I needed for "Not a Monster," I suggest you search around for other Mario voice projects in need of a Bowser voice because you would be very fitting for the part in my eyes, given different context.

    Junior is going to Kristin Proscow from Voice Acting Alliance. I just felt Kristin came off the most like a young boy around 6 or 7 years old. Bigdreamr in particular came very close, but Kristin just had a tad more masculinity that I needed for the part. What I noticed when listening to the other auditions was that they sounded a bit too old for the part. If Junior was in his teenage years, the choice would be much harder! As a guy myself however, I can understand the difficulty of trying to sound high enough for a little kid voice. Once you reach puberty, going that high is pretty much impossible! But I kept the role open to both men and women because you never know. There are men out there who can still do a pretty decent kid voice. I wanted to give any such men a chance to try out for this part as well. 

    Thank you to all of you who auditioned for Junior! It was a bit more difficult part to land, but I could tell you gave it your best shot and I commend you for that!

    Finally, Cara is also going to Kristin Proscow from Voice Acting Alliance. I don't think anyone here is going to have any real concerns about this one since nobody on CCC auditioned for this part. Understandable though. This one is such a minor and somewhat boring role that I don't really blame anyone who wanted to aim for something bigger.

    With that, all the roles have been filled! I will contact the users above with further instructions about submitting lines. I can't say it enough, but for the umpteenth time, thank you to everyone who auditioned! I sincerely mean that. I was simply dumbfounded by just how many responses I got overall. That's very reassuring to me because I do have other ideas for voice-overs in the future and now I know that Casting Call Club really is an easy and excellent way to find potential voice actors/actresses so thank you for this learning experience! I sincerely hope you'll all check out "Not a Monster" on my Youtube channel when the project is finished!

    About the Creator: brawlmaster012

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