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    About No Accident ||Sims 4 VO Series Casting Call!

    This is a sims 4 VO series called No Accident. Its about a group of young adults that live under the same roof. Yet they are all very different than the next. Theres also a lot of drama and a lot of secrets going on. If you audition you are also audimatically auditioning for an extra! I need a lot of those too... Also if you do get cast I also want to build up a friendship with everyone! I hope you do too.

    What is this series about?

    This Sims 4 series is about a group of teens that discover that theres secrets to their new house. They always tend to hear noises at night, at least thats how it started out. During the series the things that happen progressivly get worse and worse. They have to figure out what is happening before its too late.

    What genre is this story?

    The genre of the series isnt actually just horror. It also comedy because there is a few jokes throughout the whole thing.

    Why is the name of the story No Accident?

    The story is called this because of how it starts out. A girl in the town dies and is ruled as an accident. She was very close friends with the teens that are moving into their new house, Maybe its connected with whats going on in their house?
    Or maybe its just a random spirt calling for help.

    Okay now the rules...

    #1 Show emotion!
    #2 Turn your lines in on time.
    #3 Please do not argue about the lines
    #4 Make sure your mic is clear
    #5 Please please please! make sure you have skype or discord so I can send out parts and things like that easier! Thank you!

    Also if you dont get a private message, that means you'll still have a part, just not one of the ones listed... (A minor or extra role)

    This is a bit unrelated, but we've just made a snapchat. Its suggested that you add it if you want to stay updated and ect. Its also better for us than skype and discord since its easier for us to text and stay in contact!! So please add us, the username is krsimz. The bitmoji is a girl with purple pinkish hair (aka me :) haha)

    Thank you for auditioning!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold