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Skycas T Studio's Previously Completed Works

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    About Never Walk Alone (ACTUAL FINAL CASTING CALL)

    This is part 2 of the final casting call; the ACTUAL Final casting call. 

    There will be compensation, which are shown in the rates on their roles, the extra stuff that you earn after we get done with recording and production are:

    ·Never Walk Alone merch of choice

    ·your name in the credits, so leave your full real or preferred name!

    ·more Never Walk Alone merch, but these aren't wearable.

    ·a free copy of the game around launch date.

    This is a pretty big game, more than 8 hours of gameplay, and it is going to be a very long journey in the making of this, but I hope in the end, everyone can enjoy it, and I also hope this gets big and all the VAs get popular and recognised for the phemonenal effort they put in each line, and that the developers get recognized and that they have the chance of working with the top game companies, and I hope if you get cast, you enjoy every moment throughout the creation of;

    NEVER WALK ALONE [TBA] [Work In Progress]

    2 years after witnessing the murders of her brother and uncle, a korean girl, named Yuna Kim, is given both  the best luck and the worst luck of her life when she meets 7 completely different people who almost automatically sign on to guard her life when 4 underground red room hosts and their hitmen network set out to take it for an online audience, as well as for profit.

    The story of Never Walk Alone breaks off into 8 different stories, one for each main character, showing their lives individually and thoroughly, so Never Walk Alone isn't just one story, but 8 stories that all tie into one goal, and that goal of their's is to  become closer with one another and go from sworn enemies to a practical family with a strong and unbreakable bond, and they set this goal while also dealing with Yuna's scary situation, as well as their own personal obstacles and situations as a team, which is where the story got its name; when you're about to hit rock bottom and you feel like your life's over, as long as you have the right people who are willing to stick by you no matter how brutal your personal battle gets, you'll Never Walk Alone.

    You can also find my only instragram, where I post a lot of NWA stuff, the username is skycaststudios! just a disclaimer, the script is still being worked on, but we're like a few chapters left until the ending, so woohoo!

    Thank you for the support and auditions, and best of luck on making my first video game project something to remember!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold