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Duffdan's Previously Completed Works

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    About Narrator: Takeshi's Castle Thailand

    The Best Of Takeshi's Castle Thailand

    I run KeshiHeads.co.uk, a fansite for the Japanese gameshow Takeshi's Castle. For almost a year now we have been producing our own exclusive online series featuring highlights from the brand new Thai version of the show. We've had a great narrator for the show up until now but, due to schedule issues, we are on the look out for a new voice artist to take the helm.

    If, by chance, you happen to have seen/be a fan of Takeshi's Castle then, of course, that'd be a massive bonus - but if you've never even heard of the show before then that's no problem! If you're new to TC, and want to see what exactly I'm talking about, there are plenty of episodes on YouTube to check out. Here's one from the UK version - which is what our series is based on: http://youtube.com/watch?v=EfpkrBmpnUASome

    And here's one of our previous episodes - a special - that will also be a great introduction to Takeshi's Castle Thailand if you have never seen it before: https://youtube.com/watch?v=_Bi0gZxC11g

    Until now the voices on all our series' have been male, so we're taking this opportunity to try and mix things up a search for a female narrator. We have never had any females apply for a role in the past, and so this is the reason we've restricted our search to female only. If we are unsuccessful in finding a suitable voice then we will open up the opportunity to males as well.

    Because of issues over the last couple of months we have a bit of a backlog of episodes to be recorded as soon as possible, which is why the deadline for this audition is short.

    More Info:

    We're looking for someone to voice two or three 20-ish minute episodes every couple of months. These episodes may be spread out over the space of each of the two month periods, or may come as one batch every six or seven weeks. We're looking for someone who would be happy, and has the time, to regularly record on this kind of schedule.

    The narration will be part scripted, part unscripted 'as live' commentary - where you will react to what happens within the games.

    - We're looking for the voice-over to be done in the same style and tone as Craig Charles in the original UK version (see the video linked above). That's fun, humorous, not taking it too seriously but not being too flippant either!.. I guess the best way to put it is laughing WITH the footage rather than AT it!

    A lot of work goes into the editing and production of these episodes so that they are of the same quality as the TV series, so I'm hoping to find someone who also shares the same enthusiasm in creating a great final product that fans (and anyone else wanting to watch!) will enjoy.

    Alright! If anyone if interested in this project, I have prepared a short trial 2-minute clip cut from an upcoming episode. There are a couple of short scripted parts, but the rest is entirely up to you! 

    About the Creator: duffdan

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold