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Cadetoons's Previously Completed Works

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    About My Life As a Teenage Robot Comics Fandub

    Hey, this is Cade H. Hawkins, I'm nobody special, but I am a part of the cast of MLaaTR Rebooted as a Voice Actor. I've been given permission by the legendary Retsof-Noraa (http://retsof-noraa.deviantart.com/) to make Fandubs of he's amazing Teenage Robot comics. So, if you'd like to lend your voice to helping in this project as a role of any kind, Please do audition. You will be given credit for involvement. 

    About the Creator: cadetoons

    Roles I've been given:
    • Sonic/Kid Sonic: Sonic Kids Comic Dub
    • Sheldon: MLaaTR Rebooted (The Fan Made [non profit] Final Seasons) [teenagerobotrebooted.com

    Types of voices I can make:
    1.  Childlike
    2. Evil scientist, or crazed mad-man
    3. Batman-esque 
    4. Strong man, powerful
    5. Ninja-like 
    6. Robotic-ish
    7. Dumb
    8. Nerd/or/geek
    9. Adult
    10. Very unattractive Female Voice
    11. Announcer
    12. Monstrous
    13. Snake-like
    14. Old Man

    Impressions I can make:
    • Batman (The Dark Knight Trillogy)
    • Batman (LEGO Batman Movie)
    • Generic Batman (Mock style, of mine)
    • Batman (HISHE Style) Note: Not as good as other Batman Voices
    • Sheldon LEE (From My Life as a Teenage Robot)
    • Brad Carbunkle (From My Life as a Teenage Robot)
    • (A bit off) Garfield 
    • Sonic, & Kid Sonic
    • Bane (The Dark Knight Trillogy)
    • Smeagol
    • Super Mario
    • Luigi
    • Gingey from Shrek
    • Waluigi
    • Wario
    • Pops (From The Secret Life of Pets)
    • Sonic (My own style)
    • 1-1 (Glad one and Sad one from Infinity Train) Note: Could be better
    • (Mock style) Ant-Man
    If you'd like me for a/some role(s) in your project:
    1. Please message @WadeComic on Twitter or here on Facebook to better explain my part(s), If possible, give me details that I need for my personal records. 
    NOTE: I'm a Christian, and I dislike roles that would make me a demon/demonic or go against my God. I won't be saying true swear words, Dang it and things like that are acceptable. I'm not against playing the role of a villain, it all depends on the available roles. But I prefer an all ages friendly show/project to be a part of.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold