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Juuchanisu's Previously Completed Works

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    About Music S.T.A.R.T !! [ Love Live! Cover Group ]

    Hello! Welcome to the official page of Music S.T.A.R.T Productions! Aka a little fancover group who is looking for supporters and members all around! We are looking for 18 singers who are willing to sing some covers of µ's songs! Our dream is to cover all the songs they have created, starting from Bokura no LIVE kimi to no LIFE and ending with Sayounara e Sayonara! Of course, including all the subunits as well. But, those are just dreams waiting to come true.

    This, is where you come in! You get to help us accomplish that dream! But why 18 singers? That's a lot, isn't it? Well, originally it was just gonna be nine singers to represent the nine girls, however, my cofounder suggested that we sing both in Japanese and English! We'll be mainly focused around English covers though, mostly translated by yours truly, followed by your guys' help!

    Of course, I do have a few general rules and requirements you must follow, so read a bit further before trying to audition!

    i. Send all auditions to [redacted] because it's a lot easier for me and my cofounder to sort through! Plus, our gmail feels empty and we would like to see messages appear in our inbox...If casted, we'll give you permission to post your audition unto this site as we cast you!

    ii. This group is going to be a group where everyone contributes! You're not required too, but most of our choices will be made by the group rather than by me. I'll be enforcing the rules and what I believe is right because I'm the founder, but other than that, you guys are free to control this group as long as it benefits us! This includes choosing songs, creating the lyrics, formatting videos, etc. We're going to be a super friendly group!

    iii. In order to communicate with each other, you will need to have a Skype! A large group chat will be made and we will have monthly skype calls so don't be afraid to talk to us! Well, we're gonna hear your voice anyways, soo...Anyways these monthly skype calls, please do try and attend. We'll be discussing a lot in there...while also getting off topic. Be friendly while you're at it!

    iv. Please, please, please, please only audition if you're certain you can keep up with us! We won't be awfully strict, but once deadlines are set, we expect them to be met. We are nice enough to give you one more week to turn it in, but if you don't get in by the second chance, we're going to be very disappointed...However, fear not, we will not kick you out! All members are always welcome!

    v. However! There is a slight possibility where you can get kicked out is when you start harassing and disrespecting other members. We will not tolerate that. One word from any sorts of rude or disrespectful words, will end up with you kicked out with no warning. We will not accept any forms of rudeness.

    vi. Also in your auditions, state whether or not you wish to be in the JP cast or the EN cast! 

    vii. DO NOT JOIN IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE ANIME! I'll possibly let it pass if you have played the game and is pretty deep, but I would like it if you guys have watched both seasons of Love Live! School Idol Project! You'll have an easier time getting into character or figuring out your voice range. So please, watch the anime!

    viii. Have fun! We're just a easy going group, covering our favorite songs and translating to English! c:

    This getting awfully long...but I'm not done! We have some encouraging tips!

    i. Try out even if you think you can't sing! Unless you're actually tone-deaf and you know it, I'm sure you guys can sing! If you're way too uncomfortable with it, that's okay, you're still welcome to join the group as an assistant. That doesn't mean you're just a member doing nothing, you gotta be contributing as well! But we encourage you to try. Just try, I promise you won't disappoint us!

    ii. For voices, I do hope you guys realize you don't have to sound exactly like the character, however I do want you to realize what voice range you land in and try out for those characters! Say, like you have a weak voice, try out for Kotori, Nozomi or Hanayo! If you have a strong voice, that isn't deep but in the middle, try out for Honoka, Rin or Nico! And of course, if your voice ranges from mature to low, try for Maki, Umi and Eli! If you're unsure, just send us an email of a voice sample singing any Love Live! song and we'll suggest some voices for you.

    iii. "I have a shitty microphone" "My mic sucks" Blah, blah, blah! If you're thinking that, fear not! As long as we can hear your voice clearly without any obvious background noises, you're good! If you have the Apple headphones with the fancy buttons on the wire, those mics work really well! And even better, if you have an Apple product with the Voice Memos app, the two together can produce a great sound! After all, that's what I use. So, don't worry about getting a microphone set and crap. You won't be needing it!

    iv. Gender-singing is allowed, but again, with the voice tones. For males, I suggest the deeper tones because your voice will be naturally deep, unless, uh, something happens? Whatever it is, try and keep the girl's' voice feminine! After all...they are girls.

    Any questions? Email us, we'll answer right away! Good luck and have fun!

    Warning: Cofounder happens to be very senstive with pitches. I'm sorry if she offends you.

    Voice Descriptions can be sourced back to /u/throwaway93257 on Reddit for their amazing µ's Music Primers!

    English Cast:
    Hanayo Koizumi - rinne♡ // juuchanisu

    Nozomi Tojo - Irisu // Irideaeiri

    Rin Hoshizora - Angel // Knightingale

    Kotori Minami - Blyssi // Blyssi

    Maki Nishikino - Lyra // LimiumConcolor

    Eli Ayase - Spectre // /u/Monospectator 

    Umi Sonoda - Katelyn // katiew912

    Nico Yazawa - Yu // shotgunhope

    Honoka Kosaka - Rose // dancing_walrus

    Japanese Cast:

    Hanayo Koizumi - rinne♡ // juuchanisu

    Eli Ayase - Spectre // /u/Monospectator 

    Nozomi Tojo - Tine // /u/yukidesu

    Umi Sonada - Umiko // /u/SnowyUmiko

    Rin Hoshizora - Angel // Knightingale

    Nico Yazawa - Yu // shotgunhope

    Kotori Minami - Blyssi // Blyssi

    Maki Nishikino - Ben // benglassy

    Honoka Kosaka - Rose // dancing_walrus

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold