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About Monster High Haunted English Fandub edition

Hello everyone and welcome to my post! this is Serena the CEO,Founder,Editor in cheif,and Director of AMMS{AmoreMoonMagicStudios} and i am proud to present our first big movie project of monster high haunted English fandub edition! if you are 17 age and up and love voice acting and have a good talent for it please audition we'd love to have you as a member and on our team! the characters listing below will show you who is open and who has been casted. and we need guys in this dub as well as the epic ghouls{girls} this movie is going to be successful i can feel it. because we'll be the first group studio to actually fandub the whole movie! have a clear decent mic for voicing in our project and suscribe to our channel!thank you for viewing!

link for the script!~ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0fb8fYY47COS0FXSmFsN2I5cW8/view?usp=sharing

I please to announce our updated cast!

you can also send me your auditions on either skype or email. my email is :


female parts:

lagoona blue:open

Draculara:Casted ~ KoreanpopGoddess

Spectra vondergeist:casted~KoreanpopGoddess

Rochelle Goyle:KoreanpopGoddess

Twyla:Casted ~ EpicPrincess


kiyomi haunterly:open

past hall moanitor:Open

Ghoulia yelps:open

Cuttlefish aye:open

River stix:open

Sirena von Boo:Casted~KoreanpopGoddess


Scarah screams:casted ~ Xenia 

Clawdeen Wolf:open

Cleo de nile: open

Vandala doubloons:Casted ~ Lexie

girl ghost that denies being the red lady:open

Principal revenant:open

Torelei stripe:Esmeraldakitty


male parts:

heath burns:open

hoodude voodoo:open


ghost student:open

clawd wolf:open

porter painter geist:open

manny taur:open

present hall moanitor:open

future hall moanitor:open

iris clops:open

Deuce gorgon:Casted ~ Daniel 

johnny spirit:open


Good luck everyone!!

About the Creator: koreanpopgoddess

Hello! My name is Serena! I am a professional voice actress and singer but I mostly love to sing for fun and to always go as far as I can among any horizon! 

To contact me:
My Instagram ~ SerenaMermaidVampire 
My YouTube ~ SerenaMusicaPrincipessa 
My gmail ~ [redacted]

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold