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About Edge Fire Studios

Edge Fire Studios is a project I've decided to work on I will need Video Editors, Animators, Digital artists, Voice Actors, Body Actors and Directors, Script Writers.
Edge Fire Studios is an online based youtube studio that will aim to work on my justremaker channel and the six cookies channel which is a channel I'm working on with other YouTubers

Requirements for Editor:
To Be able to Edit
Editing equipment
Google drive

Requirements for Animators:
All the listed requirements for Editor (i think I don't know what you need but discord time and google drive are a needed)
Ability to animate

Requirements Digital artists:
Drawing software (preferably photoshop)
A Drawing pad for your PC/laptop/whatever you use

Requirements Voice actor:

Decent microphone with little to no background noise

Requirements body actor:

Minecraft Windows 10
British timezone or close UTC/GMT 00:01

Requirements Directors:
Leadership Skills

Script Writer:
Google Drive

Writing ability



I Would Prefer to work with people between 13 and 18 but will work with older. 

Extra info:

You Will Be given deadlines for each project and will be allowed 3 days over the limit if you provide a reason.

This will be an online youtube studio 

If any YouTubers want to help with this feel free to message me and we can talk

All of these roles need discord

I would prefer if you had a timezone that will work with GMT (British time)

Description of the project:
Editors will be helping edit the videos for the channels and edit audio if they can.
Animators will create short animated clips to be used they will have full control over what they do as long as it follows what we're doing for that clip and follows instructions
Digital artists are honestly just here for the fun and to help with thumbnails for videos.
Voice actors will help with Roleplays,end screens and anything else asked of them. I am open to any voices with a wide range so please anyone can audition i'm looking for anything.
Body actors will  do the acting for minecraft roleplays and will join us for minigames if they want.
Directors will be in charge of making sure the project is done on time and will be asked to organise people when i'm away.
Script writers will help with scripting we will go into a voice chat every once in a while and just brainstorm you will often work in teams of 2 or 3 for each script but if you choose to work on your own you can I'm not stopping you.

This is all none profit so I can't pay this is all just for a bit of fun so join in if you just want to relax have fun and meet new people

What will be done on the channel the studio manages?:
Well I'm creating the online Youtube Studio to help manage the channels I'm currently working on these are the
Justremaker channel and The Six Cookies  Channel

We may also create other channels where people will manage themselves and will have the support of the studio

If anyone who takes part has a channel  and want support from the studio you can.

we will use google classroom as a way of working on somethings

It would help if editors and VA's had skype aswell 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold