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About ˖✧MiracleWorks✧˖ Video Editor(s)


Hello hello! I'm Alex "xXSilver146Xx", I'm a voice actor, co-director, and the main video editor for our group ˖✧MiracleWorks✧˖ on YouTube. We're a very close group of friends who dub comics together, and now we're looking to add to our list of editors in order to help ease the load on myself and speed up the process in order to appease our ever growing and impatient audience. Rest assured, you will not have to mimic my style forever, you must however, be able to in order to qualify. Once you are fully accepted and inducted into the position then you are more than applicable to try out for a more major role, either voice wise or editing wise once we move on to another project. This unfortunately is not a paid project, while it is a possibility that this may change later on it isn't guaranteed at the moment.

The video above is our newest released episode, an example of our production value, which you are expected to meet. Episodes are released weekly so do keep in mind what that means for your own schedules.


-Fluency in English.
-Reliability is key.
-Time management is very important.
-Consistency in style.
-Basics of Editing such as: Panning, Masking, Manual Key Frame Animations, and Aspect Ratio functionality.
-Previous works as references must be presented.
-Discord is essentially our Headquarters so if you don't have that- sorry BAM! You're out!
-Communication and regular updates are necessary to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible.
-Be understanding and take critique into consideration, we're not here to play. We're here to work.
-Don't worry, live direction or calls will never be necessary.
-Don't be an intolerant asshole, hi yes I'm queer, I am here and ready to fight if you think you're right~ :')


We can't have you rage quitting half way through the project so you will have a few months after this initial audition in Trial Mode. You will be tested on your skills, reliability, and compatibility with the rest of the team before being properly brought into the project.

On another note, in terms of personality, you have to be willing to take jokes but also know when enough is enough not make inappropriate comments if they seem ignorant or intolerant. During the Trial Mode, your personality and level of tolerance will be tested as well.

While we are a rather fun crew, we do also like to be taken seriously and try to act professionally when it is called for. Do take our criticism seriously and prepare for it may be harsher than what you're used to. On the other side of intolerance we will not tolerate hate unless they have clearly been marked with the tone of a joke previously to other groups of human beings whether socially, racially, or individual identification wise.

˖✧Trial Mode✧˖

What will go down in Trial Mode? You will be given at least three episodes to work on at the most. Typically your assignments (for our initial project anyways) will not be longer than a minute. You will be given deadlines that you are expected to meet, or inquire about if you are unable to. This is both your adjustment period to my editing style (again, just for our initial project "Lumine") and the way our schedule operates. You will be placed into a group with myself, our director, founder, and sound engineer; Jared, other trialists, and our other editor(s) who have already passed this phase. More details will come to the applicant once they have been admitted into Trial Mode.

˖✧Last Words✧˖

Remember to have fun and think of it as a learning experience! If you're ever unsure or worried you won't qualify, go ahead and try anyways! We're all learning from each other here in the end no matter what Jared or I may say, neither of us are masters of the art and personally, I believe mastery is impossible. :) Can't wait to see applicants!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold