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About Minecraft Freddy's Fun House: Reboot (Minecraft Roleplay)

Minecraft Freddy's Fun House is a fun little roleplay Me & 2 others own! 

Videos will be posted here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwBV1Gknh1RbRgCSkqPiZJg 


The Requirement Voice Actors must meet:

1) All the recording sessions must have little to no background noise.

2) I must be able to hear you clearly through discord.

3) You must have Discord. (this will be where audio will be shared and ideas will be talked about) So I'll need to know your discord, so we can interview.

4) You must be nice to the other Voice Actors. (NO FIGHTING)

5) You can change a few words if it sounds more natural then what it sounds like.

6) You need to be active! If you want these parts you have to be willing to respond when texted. Even if your character has not been used in a while. You can always ask to help out! 

7) This cast will be preforming in Minecraft videos. SO make sure you have Minecraft as well as have an appropriate Ing, which I will need to know in the discord interview.

8) All voices are preformed while in Minecraft, so all voices must be preformed live.

9) You have to be able to upload skins into Minecraft and install mods if needed (I can help with mods)

10) You must be able to have some improvising skills, you should not brake character easily.

11) Parts can always be taken, if needed. If your not active for long period of time, without warning me, you can lose your part. Just make sure to warn me if your not going to  be available for a long time.

12) Some roles will not require minecraft and will be prerecorded/scripted. I will say if it is one of these parts in the description, but most of these require minecraft and all require Discord.

13) you must be 14 or older

14) You MUST be able to run 20+ mods!

If you are in the phase of consideration for the role. You will be messaged on discord. We can arrange at some point a time we can call. While there, you must be able to also perform the voice on the spot. Even if you are doing improvisation while doing it.

Just remember, I can give or take away roles at will. And even put up roles for auditions.

There will be more characters added in the future.

About the Creator: ShadaTech

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold