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Eevee Online's Previously Completed Works

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    About Miencraft Life The Eyes

    Welcome. To Minecraft Life

    If you have this page I am letting you in on a secret. The biggest villains in my series Minecraft Life are coming and it's not going to be pretty The Eyes

    The Eyes are a group of Ebwan hunters who names coincide with their eye color. They are on the hunt for two things at the very moment. Traitor Red and an Ebwan, Red has befriended 

    How Many Episode?
    These characters will appear in multiple episodes  

    What's An Ebwan?
    It's a Creature I Created 

    How Big Are These Roles
    Let's just say the finale will go out with a bang

    Not Even my team of voice actors knows I am doing this so keep it hush hush

    "What is Minecraft Life"
    This series features the main character, Eevee Calastar. An Ebwan with no memory of his past and he's immediately introduced to a buck of zany characters. The reason Life is in the title is that the focus is not on Eevee. While at the same time it is but each character adds something to his story or his life. No character goes without their story being told. There's also a multiverse so yeah a lot more stories out there to tell.

    "How long is Minecraft Life"
    There is no end in sight but the Eyes time may be shorter compared to the main cast

    "Do I put all my lines in one file if I get accepted? (Per each episode)"
    If you would like to, then sure. But remember to keep a long pause for each sentence.

    "Are we singing"?
    You might. I might have some songs planned.

    "What is your YouTube channel?"
    I am glad you asked! Here you go!

    "What do I need to join this project"?
    1. You MUST have a decent microphone. Any auditions with shaking quality or background noises will be denied, but you may redo it if you PM me and ask.
    2. You MUST have Discord. ALL of the planning takes place on our Discord Server, which will be PM'd to you if you are accepted. You will also have your own private hangout server on Discord.
    3. BE NICE! Nobody likes jerks. :(
    4. Please be at least 13+. I personally do not want to be working with young children who may not understand the script or are unable to understand certain conversations that take place.
    5. Giving spoilers is completely ILLEGAL when you are in this project. If you give out a spoiler at any time, you will be kicked from this project. 
    6. PLEASE have Minecraft!! It's not needed, but it's wanted!
    7. You MUST be committed to this project. Any slackers (me lmao) will be warned and maybe even fired.
    8. I expect you to be active on the Discord server as much as possible.
    9. Have fun!!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold