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    About Melody of the Universe. (Audio book series)

        This is a original book I have wrote. I have tried to get it published by a traditional publishing company, and even a indie publishing company, but was rejected because I am not an established author, or it had to be split into several books, which I refused. The story is about a mother dragonness who lost her egg to a group of marauders who wanted her hoard of gold. Little did she know a dragon god was watching over her as she cried for the loss of her baby who was never allowed to live. The god gave life back to the hatchling, but not just a normal life was given to the child. It was the spirit of the universe itself. Without any knowledge of her powers, no breath weapon like most dragons do, and with a lot of motherly care. She learns to control her powers, and begin to live with the humans far below her home in a mountain range. 

        I am needing voices for all the parts of this audio book. 

    Narrator. (Fe/Male) If more then one person would like to get this role. I would be more then happy to split it up between them.

    Melody, or in her draconic language. Voral. (Female)

    Vermith the knight of Law. Think more holy then thou. That is  Vermith in a hand-basket. (Male)

    13 the perverted ninja who always tries to tempt Vermith, or tease him with it. (Female)

    Sjack "S-ja-ch" The childhood friend of Hesh. Though he has a crush on her. She is oblivious to this. (Male)

    Heshjing Hesh for short. She is the spell caster in the group. Kinda ditsy. (Female)

    Vala The druidic tree hugger type. Pretty confident in her abilities,and gods help you if you step on the grass... (Female)

    The regent of Qualt. Due to the king being summoned to a world conference for some unknown reason his younger brother was tasked to keep the piece in his stead. He is of noble birth, and yet pretty worried about the people of the kingdom when where his brother does not. He is a kind man, who tend to give freely to those in need, but if need be would protect the people of his kingdom with is life. (Male)

    Shop keepers. I need 5-8 shop keepers of various voices. From creepy, to very friendly. (Fe/male)

    Fortune teller. Possibly one of the most important sub-character in this auido book. She has a rather creepy voice. One that would make normal people turn tail, and run away in fear.

    Bandits 1-4 (Fe/Male) Kind of a hick style of voice, but very determend for blood, and coin.

    Village Chief. The very few words she does say that are audible are very kind, and calming. (Female)

    More roles maybe added as this goes on. It falls on if some people are okay with doing more then one part, or if I can't find other people from other places. Do not worry. These rolls are for the members of this site only.

    Edit: April 07, 2015

    There is going to be three more parts for people to audition for. I hope everyone who has posted auditions, and are wanting to try for more parts will also audition for these. The mother of Melody is a small part, and is only seen in the prologue. Which I am now going to release below. I hope you guys like the prologue, and maybe get a better idea of how the story is going to be from it. Mind you the sad parts are not nearly as frequent as it is in the prologue.


    Overlooking a vast mountain range; a scout sat on the edge of a cliff. His eyes focused for any movement, his ears peeled for any sound that would seem that anything approches. The beating of wings far off in the distance echoed around him, and faded away into the silence of the mountain range. The scout lifted a hand to show the sign was clear, and the group hiding inside the cave some thirty feet behind him began to venture deeper into the cave. The faint echoes of dripping water began to fill the cave tunnel as they continued deeper inside. Soon they reached a open aired central room where a mountain of gold, and gems of many kinds awaited. "Hurry men. Take your flll of treasure before the beast returns." the leader of the group ordered his men. To which they cheered with delight for responce.

    The leader, and two others began to climb the golden mountain up to the top, where it platued in a concaved pattern. They scanned the concave with great intent as the lot below scooped gold, and gems into bags that seemed to never fill. One man that followed his leader to the concave began to shout. "Sire. I found something that is not gold, nor gem. With haste come see. I believe it is that which we are searching for!" To which the leader, and the other man rushed towards him with great speed. "Tis what we are searching for. Dig it out, for we must end it's life before the mother returns."Quickly the two begen to dig the mass out of the gold. It was egg shaped, and with a reddish-green tint to it. It stood as tall as a man, and two men in width. The leader, quickly drew his sword from its sheath, and plunged it into the egg.

    The contains kicked, and contorted inside as it fought for life. A red hind claw broke through, then a wing, and finally a tail before somberly falling lifeless. The egg cracked more, and opened to show the contents. A small dragon hatchling laying motionless in the egg that it once called home. Soon the sound of large footsteps fills the chamber. With each step the mountain shuttered, and gold shifted. Falling downward towards the roots of the golden mountain. "Hde. Quickly. We must have a surprise attack to be able to survive this fight." The leader called to his men.The mother dragonness. A large red dragon, with mighty wings, strong, and formitable front legs, and claws; a tail that was the length of her body which was already colossel in size. Just added to her to make her seem like you were staring death itself in the face. She walked into the chamber with a rather fat cow in her mouth. Food for her new-born once it hatched.

    The dragonness climbed the mountain with ease, and stopped suddenly. Her eyes falling to the egg. A small red tail poking out from the egg. She smiled in delight that her new youngling finally hatched, and took another step to see it for the first time. To which her horror she found instead the hatchling laying lifeless in a pool of blood. A wound piercing it's chest, and fresh blood seeping out slowly. Coins around the egg turning crimson with the fluids of life. The dragonness fell to her belly, and pulled her once was hatchling to her. Her eyes filled with tears, as she weeped over her poor baby."Now!" Came a cry that seemed to come from all over the chamber. The men who were hidden flew forth from their hiding spots, and begin their attack on the mother dragon. Now in rage the dragonness flicked her tail, and sent a good number flying across the chamber. Meeting their end against the distant wall. The few that now remain charged with zeal towards the dragonness. Swords, spears, and arrows flying towards the would-be mother dragon as they charged.

    Arrows piercing the wings, and flying through the leathery wings. The spears burrying into the side, and front leg of the dragon. In return the mother opened her mouth, and instead of a cry of pain or a roar of rage. Only fire escaped her lips, and burning the few that still lived to dust. The leader however. Hid under the crimson soaked gold, and quickly stood up to plung his sword into the heart of the beast that stood before him, but alas the dragon lifted its claw, and the sword struck it instead. The dragon cried out in pain, but placed her foot upon the chest of the leader. The tip piercing his chest through his plate. Now dying, and gasping for breath the mother looked at him, and his sword. It was died red with blood, but not from her. From the child she would have had. She narrowed her eyes in hate, and anger. Such show of emotion sent terror into the dying main pinned down by the claw burried into his chest. He tried with all his strength the pull the claw out of him, and get away, but the mother had other plans for him.

    Fire built inside her mouth, and with a loud cry of loathsome rage. She sent the flames down to the man who ended the life of the one she would have had. The flames burned his skin, and melted the bone. His soul caught fire, and soon nothing remained of him. The gold beneath him melted down all the way past the rock below. Now all that remained in the chamberwas the mother dragon, and her somber, decedent child. She crawled away from the yawning hole of melted gold she made, and coiled herself around the broken egg which held the hatchling's body. Her crying, and songs of sorrow filled the chamber, and the mountain rage outside. "Kimbrak kor. Itov vale. Ti ko kora no vri. Shichem brumak. So caail vali. So ma. Kivi ni kri." She sang as she held her hatchling's body close to her.

    Tears pouring from her eyes, and soft sounds of woe escaped her.Over her, and the body a small spark of electricity began to form, and crack. The sound of thunder caused alarm to the mother, and she quickly stood in defence of her life, and the body of her youngling, but no arrow, or cry of battle rang out withen the chamber full of sorrow. Only the soft, and saddened voice echoed through the room. "Mother of this youngling. I have watched this sorrowful event take place. I wish I could have stopped it, but I could not. I humbly pray for you to forgive me for my inability to help. I will however will give you a gift. One that may not replace her, but may give you joy through many years." The voice said as the spark grew, and cracked louder. "You will name her. Valora, or Melody. She is part of me, you, and your husband who is no longer with you, but stands by my side in Twilight. He wishes you to live a long, and happy life with your offspring, and to never forget the love you two once shared in this very chamber. Good bye."

    The voice continued before fading away. The spark of forming into a mass, and slowly decending down to where the body of the hatchling used to be. The mother in shock, and great surprise when the purple light around the mass faded. A new born hatchling lay. Yawning, and stretching out before opening it's eyes to see it's mother. It squeeked with delight, and joy as it tried to stand up to run to her, but fell down onto it's stomach. The mother quickly picking it up, and holding it tightly against her breast. "You. My gift from the gods. Will be named Valora, or Melody in the common tongue. My beautiful, beautiful Meloldy." She said while tears flowed from her eyes again, but this time in joy.

    -Prologue end-

    The next part is The king. Who is a younger man. Close to 18 in age.

    The last is the head bad guy. Least in this book. I will be telling you more about them below in the auditions part.

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