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    About MegaMENT: Megaman NT Warriors Abridged Series!


    - There will be MORE CHARACTERS added as they are written into the show! Most don't appear until much later in the season so stay tuned if you want to audition for more!

    - Good mic quality is a must.

    - There are a lot of big roles. Most characters are used almost every episode!

    - Discord will be used as a prime source of communication between me, YOU, editors, and writers.

    - Be friendly and be open to criticism!

    - Be Passionate! I am looking for Va's who have a passion for their character and are punctual on line reads and audio submissions

    - This will take time to create. With school and soloing this entirely at the moment with writing the script, editing, sound design, and voice acting in it, as well as coordinating with other VA's schedules for their submissions will take time. So until I can get my hands on more editers and writers this will take time. I do have plenty of experience in editing with Premiere and Voice acting/editing using audacity, so even though it is my first abridgement I feel it will be easy to pick up.

    There will be some racial stereotyping, language, and some sexual innuendos.

    - That's it!


            This is an abridged series of Megaman NT Warriors that I decided to start working on myself! I loved the anime growing up and would love to add my own twist on it. I've already written almost 3 episodes and not stopping anytime soon! This will be posted on YouTube on most likely a fresh new account where I plan to do all my abridgements there. This isn't probably ever going to pay, but if it blows up, I can see what I can do! 

    Below is a video showcasing some editing and voice acting of yours truly! This is also a sneak peek into the first episode! This sneak peek is probably not final but it's something for you guys to get more of an idea for this series! Keep in mind that this is my VERY FIRST ABRIDGEMENT. I feel as the series goes on, so will the quality but I feel as a starter this little intro turned out well!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold