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About [Minecraft] Sunshine Cruise - A Modern RP On The Sea

Hey! I am Anna or App, but basically, I go by both so call me whatever. (Don't call me "Whatever" though because that's not right! ;D) I am here to ask for auditions for my friend Delilah and I's upcoming roleplay 'Sunshine Cruise' now before I ramble let me get organized and tell you allll about it.

What is 'Sunshine Cruise'?
I'm glad you asked! Sunshine Cruise is a Minecraft roleplay on my YouTube channel. This roleplay takes place in Modern Times and involves a good balance of drama, comedy, and romance. (Ohhh lala ;D)

What is the plot line?
'Sunshine Cruise' takes place the final day of Middle School. Sisters Anna and Delilah both are huge video games and due to parent issues in the past, a lot of their time is spent in their "secret" bunker where they keep their electronics and trophies. However the roleplay starts in their house where they are beyond excited to be going to High School and after a school prank from their prankster friend James happens, they are told class is dismissed early. As they return home, they are greeted by very happy parents who announce they are going on a cruise. Avalon, the schools Queen Bee; Luf, a popular girl turned not popular; and Jessica, a girl who is lost in love, all are going on the cruise during the summer too due to their parent's riches. On this boat, Anna and Delilah discover new friends they never thought to find and maybe even new romance. (Cheesy, I know.)

How many episodes or seasons do you plan for?
We are hoping to have this season and 4 others and possibly increase that if we decide to do another Summer series such as this one.

When do you plan to start and end the series?
Our start is planned for January of 2018 and when it ends will hopefully be during the Summer or around that timeframe. There is the possibility of it ending sooner or later.

If I'm not picked, is that it?
No! If you aren't picked for your chosen role and we feel you're still a great voice actor, we will still request for you to join us on Discord in the case a new character pops up so you can have the first call on it.

If I get chosen for a role, how do you want lines sent and how fast?
I would prefer lines be sent in a ZIP folder with each line in separate files. Now, I am fine if you record all the lines in one sitting, though, take large breaths between them. How fast really depends on how many lines. If you have only one I expect it a lot sooner than someone with 15. So, I will tell you how long you have to send it to me when I send your lines.

Can I help develop a character?
Yes! Under the characters, there is a Character Developer spot. Do know you have the choice to also be an official Character Developer.

Can I audition for more than one spot?
Of course! I highly suggest this, in fact, as we want to see where you fit best.

What are the requirements?
- There is a 12+ suggestion for your age due to I don't want to have to teach you things if you don't understand them. I have been proved wrong on many occasions, though, so there are exceptions.
- YOU MUST HAVE DISCORD. I can not stress this enough. This is your means of communication due to I have numerous people to email and message on here so I can't keep that and this organized.
- Please be a nice person. In the end, we all have the common love of voice acting so why not enjoy it with each other? :D

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold