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About Main Female | The Silent Whisperer | Sims 4 VO Series [CLOSED]


There born a moon child named Celestille who was born under the gaze of a full moon. However, the birth causes her to live as an orphan where her mother's death was due to the unexpected event. For she was born under that circumstances, her heart holds a power where one could be granted immortality. On her 21st Birthday, the power she holds will activate its own attraction where she can never control its basic needs unless…

GENRE- Fantasy-ish in the Medieval not so Medieval times.

Please take note that this series has its mature content, containing scenes that is explicit to viewers below 18. So I'm hoping for auditions from people who are above 18 or people at a mature age to understand what this series is going to. 

Apparently, the character for Celestille is open again! Reasons are... P&C.

If you're interested to voice Celestille and have not tried her out before, DO IT!

However, her lines are heavy and most put effort on emotions. Reasons why I put more lines for her audition script.

Please have a decent mic without those background noise or pop sound. Anything light is fine if it is removable. Don't try to whisper even if the series is named after it.


  • 1. I want LOYAL Voice actors, the ones that doesn’t quit out at the last moment. This is a series, so if you’re in for the long run, stay or don’t audition at all! No pressure 

  • 2.Please make sure there are no background noises (your mum/cat/dog/baby/movements) and if any, such as the buzzing sound that our mic makes, should not be too loud or louder than you to be exact. If I can hear it, you can too! I can clear that for you if you can’t DIY BUT only the ones I mentioned.

  • 3.This is a mature series that contains XXX scene and sounds.

  • 4.If you want to audition for extras, you can send in a demo reel.

  • 5.Please send audio as .wav or .mp3 | If video audition, upload it on vimeo/youtube because I might not be able to watch due to country.

  • 6.People from CCC can audition either here or to my email [redacted]

If you want a private sesh, send the audio file to my email [redacted] 

Auditions closed immediately when found the Voice Actor for the Character and will receive scripts right after

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold