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    About Lucky Star! Pretty Cure

    This is a crossover between Pretty Cure and Lucky Star! The names of the main characters in Lucky Star will change too and become Pretty Cure. Also including their faces, they will be changed using re-coloring Here is the main plot and story.

    NOTE: Lucky Star will not follow it's own original story and this is just a fanmade story based off of Pretty Cure.

    Yuki Tanaka and her fellow friends Iroha Nanase, Rimu Nanase, and Asuka Nanahara are all in a club named Lucky Star Club. They do special activities such as child plays and helping the school out. When they were supposed to be heading home, a disaster occured. The monster that destroyed mankind a century ago and had never shown up since then because the former pretty cure destroyed them and their leader. They sealed the monsters. It's name was Tsukikage because their symbol on their forehead was the moon. Now they finally showed up and mankind was about to be destroyed. People panicked and screamed running away from the disastrous monsters on Earth. Yuki headed to the scene and panicked. She rushed to see if her mother was fine. Her mother unfortunately died out of blood loss and was destroyed by the Tsukikage. Iroha also headed to the scene moments after Yuki and was shocked. She told Yuki that she would call a doctor and ran as fast as she could. Yuki cried and fell to her knees. She- wanted to get revenge for her mother. There was no hope. Her mother had died already. A fairy appeared and asked her for her name. She told the fairy Yuki and asked the same question to the fairy. The fairy said it had no name and gender so Yuki decided to give it a name and gender. She called it Yumimin because it was cute and she made it a female. The fairy was born from her heart and revenge. The fairy asked her if she wants to fight Tsukikage. Yuki agreed. She turned into Cure Blessing and shouted: Turn the light to happiness, hope will return! I am Cure Blessing! And so, the Pretty Cures will have one mission: To defeat the monster that mankind lost to, the Tsukikage and seal them again.

    Thank you for reading all of this and I hope you all think this story sounds good! It will be an audiobook though ;-; But I am sure you all will have fun. Please don't feel afraid to audition, you don't need Skype or minimal background noise. Also, I gurantee you will have a role if you audition for two or three!!

    I will just list the characters that have the most appearances for the first episode/chapter. I will update it once in a while >_<

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold