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    About 【 Love Live Sunshine Duet Covers 】All Aqours Duets [OPEN]

    Hello there fellow love livers!

    I will holding up for about a month, of casting for the Aqours duets songs!

    We'll also be covering in Japanese and English!

    (But the English covers will be released before the Japanese covers!)

    I’ll need some of YOU great love livers to fill out some of the roles!

    (I will be taking some of them bc i’m greedy)

    The songs we’ll be singing is

    1. Natsu e no tobira Never end ver [MariRikoMaru]

    2. Manatsu wa dare no mono? [DiaRuby]

    3. Jimoto AiMantan Summer Life [YouHane]

    4. Natsu no owari no ama oto ga [ChiKanan]

    Here are some RULES/REQUIREMENTS!:

    Please have a normal mic - You don’t to have a yeti or a snowball but just have a mic that doesn’t sound your recording on a potato

    Please turn in your recording on time - It's not really a rule but it’s nice because I can start mixing!

    Be nice to everyone who auditions - Normal, if your not nice then you’ll not be casted!

    That’s all for now!....OH WAIT!

    I’ll be making the video and mixing!

    (A big help if you help me out on the mixing part since i’m really not the best!)


    ♚[Natsu e no tobira Never end ver] The role of Mari will be closed
    ♛[Manatsu wa dare no mono?] The role of Ruby will be closed
    ♜[Jimoto AiMantan Summer Life] The role of You will be closed
    ♝[Natsu no owari no ama oto ga] The role of Chika will be closed

    Thank you for reading and hope you have fun auditioning!


    About the Creator: Illya Qutesy

    Yaho! My name is Illya! Nice to meet you! I'm always up for roles around here! I really love to sing and if you want to tell my how to improve my voice I'm always up for criticism/ advice! (Just don't be too harsh or I really won't get it)

    HEADS UP! This account is going to be mostly for projects or mixer thingys! 

    Mood: I want to drown myself in a lake, good day 

    Here's some etc info!




    If you want to cast me as anything just PM me!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold