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Hubris Monkey's Previously Completed Works

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    About ♜ Love Live ♜ Japanese OC Group ♜ Golden Guilty Crown ♜

    Hiya there! This group is a OC group as you can see, this group will be covering Aqours and Muse songs! And just to make it easier we're just going to re-color the love live cards from the game and use them for the OC's! 

    Side Stories:
    Each character will have their own back story, characteristic, skills/talents, etc! 
    We will also be doing stories! We will turn it similar to a otome game, where you have options to choose from each video will have 1 option and each character will act differently depending on the action you choose! And yes you the viewer! If you have any questions on this please PM me or just leave it in the comments! 

    We will have solos, duets, etc. For each character! But solos will be based on the cast! Like if one of the cast as a calm and cool voice they'll sing datte datte aa mujou or if they have a happy and bubble voice then they'll sing songs like happy maker! 
    The songs aren't going to be just the solos in love live but we'll use the full group, subunits, duets as the solos as well depending on the casts voice.

    Characters: (Characters may change years depending on the cast) 
    First Years -
    Ran Maki
    Kohaku Mori
    Kakeru Shimizu

    Second Years -
    Akiko Hayashi 
    Aoi Hamasaki
    Emi Koizumi

    Third Years -
    Mai Maki
    Hazael Rosebud
    Yoshie Suzuki

    Required Rules

    Have a microphone that has good sound! Basic thing to getting better chances

    Be nice and respectful to one another! If your being rude to a point you will kicked out of the group. It's just common sense to be nice! And normal

    Know how to pronounce Japanese words! It's a Japanese cover group....it's basically explains itself  

    Be active! To me, if you are not active at least every week you will be removed from the group because you are not active at all or putting effort and there is not use for you in this group at all. A group is team effort, not just one person slacking off.

    (But if your going somewhere that requires you not to have internet or phone, computer, etc you will have to tell me)

    Turn in your lines on time! It's so we can get more videos out quicker and to know that your alive! 


    About the Creator: HubrisMonkey

    Hello there, my name is Monkey! (Not my actual name bc that would be odd) But I will mostly go for these roles! And my best girls are Nico and Yoshiko/Yohane! 

    Aqours - Kanan │ Chika │ Mari │ You │ Ruby
    Muse - Honoka │ Kotori │ Maki │ Nozomi 
    Vocaloid - Miku │ Rin │ Kaito │Len 

    Hope you enjoy quickly looking at my profile! 

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