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    About Love Live English Cover Group Auditions ~ OPEN A-Rise members needed!

    Please watch the Youtube video first, and then go to the links in the description after auditioning! (Link:

    Hey everyone! So I have been having a bit of an obsession with Love Live!, and singing groups lately. Then I thought - Why not make a nice big project that can be a fun group effort? This will be a cover group for Love Live! and maybe Aquors once the anime comes out this summer. The group name is µ'sic START! (orginal, I know...) However, the name is subject to change! Anyone can audition, so have fun with it! However, there are just a few rules to help this run smoothly! (P.S. I may cast before the deadline, so don't hesitate with your audition!) 

    Rule #1: Be Kind!: So I know this is a given, but I guess this is a reminder to be supportive of others rather than bash them. Just keep the Chinese proverb, "What you do not wish for yourself, do not for others." Or you can keep The Golden Rule in mind too! I promise, working with nice people is way better than working with a critical and arrogant person!

    Rule #2: Dedication: You can probably tell already, but this project will require your dedication! If you audition, keep in mind that you are willing to put forth a good effort for the whole group! After all, this is a group effort, which is why this is going to be so much fun! However, if circumstances have to make you quit, do not worry about it! I plan to hold audions for members who have to leave the project. (Hoping this won't happen though!)

    Rule #3: The Gear: I'm actually not too picky about this one, but just make sure your mic is good, and that your auditions don't have so much static that I cannot hear you!

    Rule #4: Sing: Please sing any Love Live! song in ENGLISH for your audition! Also, do not feel pressured to put off vocal music (AKA instrumental tracks) in your audition (However, they are preferred). Either way is fine with me! Don't hesitate, and put your voice out there! I want to hear all of your beautiful voices!

    Rule #5: Share your Talents Please!: If you are a lyricist, mixer, and\or a video editor, we'd love to have you join this project! If you are casted as a character, you can still tryout for this and get 2 roles (or more).

    Rule #6: Have Fun!: When auditioning, just go out there and try your best, as that's what really matters! Auditions are not only great learning opportunities, but a good way to do something you love! Also, feel free to try out for as many roles as you would like! That way, the odds can be more "in your favor".

    Once again, feel free to audition for as many things as you would like! I am looking forward for all of your auditions! Please feel free to read the character descriptions so you know what I am looking for. Good luck everyone!

    Have a Busy Schedule, but still want to Participate?: I added A-Rise roles, which aren't that big of a commitment, so if you are busy but want to join, just try out for some of the A-Rise roles! (If people don't audition for this, I might delete the roles or double cast with µ's cover group members.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold