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Illya's Previously Completed Works

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    About Love Live ENGLISH Cover Group!! {MEMBERS NEEDED!!}

    Hi everyone! I’m Illya and for this group project we’ll be singing μ's, Aqours, A-RISE and St. Snow songs! In English because we can’t get enough English singers! (Idk if that made sense or just made you more confuzzed T_T)

    And remember this is a group project! So everyone will have to do something! Or Help out with something! Like mixing, animation, guides, lyrics, etc! So remember that!

    What we’ll be doing!

    And also! Aqours and μ's are combined together! And A-RISE and St. Snow are too, because I don’t want to have too many people in our group!
    We’ll be doing something a bit different in this group to make it special! We’re going to change up the subunits! Like let’s say BiBi! We can’t have any of the members of BiBi partnered up together! We’ll be experimenting with the voices! (I know Honoka, Eli and Umi sound so good together, have you heard Wonderful Rush?) We’ll be basing the songs on how mature or immature the voices are together. Or something else if someone suggests something good! But we’ll have a poll on the voices!   
    And also the subunit names!

    (Btw we’re not singing popular songs like START;DASH or Snow Halation, Nah It’s just a waste of time doing those songs because other groups already have done them and it’s probably better if we just leave it like that)

    Btw! Here are some rules and if you follow them, you won’t get banned! Sounds fair right? Well I think so…maybe…But what happens if I disobey my own rules?! Meh change ‘em (I’m just kinddin’!)

    BE NOICE OR NICE– Please be nice to people auditioning, and don’t be salty if you don’t get the role! You’ll get it one day! So I wish the best of luck to you!

    Have a mic that’s okay– I just want a mic that’s A or B okay! I don’t too much noise in the background but its okay to have some! But if it’s taking up all of the recording and it’s really loud, than the chances of getting the role will drop alot!

    Be active and committed to your role!! (VERY IMPORTANT) – It’s very VERY VERY important this rule…Well if you get the role that is! But you must be committed to your role if you are picked! I’ll give you 3 chances and If you turn in your auditions too late and used all your chances you’ll get kicked out! But I don’t expect you to be very VERY active like 247, but I do want you to be aware of the deadlines.

    BTW YOU NEED SING IN ENGLISH, ENGLISH– Well…The title kinda explains it, so please sing in English and if you do sing in Japanese or etc. You’ll have to redo it! And also if you want, I can make some lyrics for you…But you have ask me that…I CAN’T READ YOUR MIND, and also please sound out the words right/ say them right! It helps a lot

    You can audition (Idk what the title means anymore)– You can audition for as much roles as you want! The more the merrier!

    – Sound similar to the girl you’re auditioning for, but you don’t have to sound like them too much!
    Well that’s pretty much it for the rules so far! I’ll have more rules once I’ve picked the people I like from the auditions (This sentence doesn’t really make sense for me but I hope you get it)

    SKYPE OR GMAIL/EMAIL! - Please have a gmail/email or a Skype only way of us talking to each other!

    Sorry if the description was too long   
    Anyways! Thank you for auditioning! And I hope all the best for ya all! *Blow kisses* Sayonara!

    Btw! I’ll be taking the roles of Chika and Honoka! Sorry if you wanted Chika’s or Honoka’s role…I’M SORRY


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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold