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About Nameless Heart {CLOSED}

This project is closed!

Hello! I'm Faith and this is a casting call for a Love Live! cover group. While this is going to start out as just a group chorus, if everything goes well, I would like to actually do a full english dub of the anime. I'm not going to get into details, since I'm getting too far ahead of myself. Let's just say... it's a hope for the future. Note that this is my first time ever starting a project like this, so please try not to cringe too much.

In most need of Rin, Hanayo, Honoka, and Animator auditions!

General Rules ;

i. Send all auditions to [redacted], as I'd prefer for auditions to be a secret. If you do get casted, I'll give you permission to actually upload your audition onto the site so I can officially cast you as the role. I have had multiple people upload their auditions, and it creates a big mess for me to try and fix, so please, do not upload any audition without my permission.

ii. Choices and decisions in the group will be made bythe group. This includes animators, editors, mixers, and vocalists. For an example, what our group's name is, how we format the videos, etcetera will all be made by those in the group.

iii. A Skype chat will be created for everyone in the group to interact and ask questions. Please get involved! If you feel out of place or uncomfortabe, please contact me! I'm quite awkward and quiet myself, so I know how you feel, and I'm always open to talk!

iv. Do not audition unless you are certain you're going to stick with the role you may get casted for. I really don't want anyone leaving to 'move onto professional work' or 'leaving to focus on work'. I more than understand things come up, but do not audition unless you are going to stick with the role until the end.

v. A really cliche rule I shouldn't even be putting up, but friendliness... please. Uh, moving on...

vi. If you have any experience with voice acting/singing/dubbing projects, please let me know that when you sent in any sort of audition. If casted, I will most likely turn to you for advice and help.

vii. Feedback will not be given unless asked!

Singing Rules/Pointers ;

i. When speaking, please do not over exaggerate your voice. I see this happen, and the result turns out to be more fake than sounding like the actual character.

ii. You do not need to sound exactly like the character. That being said, I don't want a really powerhouse voice for Hanayo or a really deep tone for Kotori. Be somewhere within their tones, but please try out new tones! Feel free to do multiple lines/songs with different tones.

iii. Audition for more than one character! There'll only be eight roles open for voicing the girls, so step out of your comfort zone!
iv. If a character is out of your vocal range, your voice is too weak to reach the higher notes, etcetera, then change the pitch! Just tell me in the comments so I know.

v. Have a decent microphone to audition! If I absolutely cannot hear you, I'll ask you to record in higher quality. Tip; iPhones work very well. But if you do get casted and your microphone is not that good, I'll also ask you to record in a higher quality. But, if you do not get casted, please do not get a microphone just for this! {Tip; the Snowball Ice microphone works incredibly well for fifty dollars.}

vi. Know the anime and songs. It's not very fun or immersing if you don't actually know the girls or the anime. Don't be that guy.

vii. I will give the exact time the lines are said in the anime for the audition lines. Use Crunchyroll, as you can watch Love Live free and it's quite easy to use!

viii. All gender-sings are allowed! But, the voices do have to be sort of 'feminine-ish'? I guess? Since the graphics and everything do have μ's featured as females. Not to enforce like "Oh, females gotta have feminine and high voices! And males gotta have deep and low and manly manly voices!"

ix. When doing the lines, I give the time for each set of lines. Please be sure to include any other sounds that aren't words! For example, screaming, gasping, and so on.

x. If you get casted, you do not have to worry about editing your lines being sent in, as you'll simply record the songs a few times until you feel satisfied, and send them in like they are. But, for audition purposes, please edit them down!

Animator/Mixer/Lyricist Rules/Pointers ;

i. I will be picky. There are a lot of covers for Love Live which I do not like the lyrics of, as they're abrupt and messy. Please do not get discouraged; because if I chose you, I love your work! But I get really nitpicky with some stuff {most likely} so please be patient and converse with me! I'm most likely not going to be that specific with animation or mixing, but lyricist's a job that I will most likely be.

ii. If you only animate/mix/write lyrics if you're actually singing in the group, please state that! I'm more than fine with that.

iii. You will always be a part of the group no matter what.

iv. If you are going to be a lyricist, do not have your songs already being public for others. I want these songs to be only for our group!

v. Animation will differ, depending on what the group's decision is to do! Please have a decent amount of knowledge in this league.

vi. For animation and mixing purposes, do not worry about the possible fandub of the anime, as that is a far off dream. Worry about mixing songs and animating the covers! 

If you have any more questions or hesitations, please feel free to contact me through email! I'm super excited to see your auditions! You know.. if I get any. I mean, this is gonna be really awkward if I don't... well, that's a good note to end it off of.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold