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Alicekiriya's Previously Completed Works

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    About CLOSED!!

    Hi! I'm Alice, Smule username @AliceShinigami if you want to hang out with me there!

    I don't have a name for this group yet, but I'm sure once I've finished casting we can all come up with a name together! All I know is I want to be an Aqours group that will cover any and all u's and Aqours songs! 

    I want to make a LoveLive! cover group outside of the usual impression cover groups I participate in on Smule Karaoke. I feel as though "covers" are meant to be an individual or group's own spin on a song, not a by-the-books impression of the original song. That's why I'm looking for 8 other girls to sing LoveLive! songs with me, using our natural voices!

    I will be taking the part of Matsuura Kanan! Her part will not be up for audition.

    I plan to be a laid-back but professional group. Depending on how well the group works together, I'll set a timeframe of anywhere from two weeks to a month to complete a song! That includes the singing, mixing, and video editing, all of which I'm going to need some people to help with!

    Some notes and audition requirements:
    -The covers will be published on YouTube, so you have to be okay with that in order for your audition to be considered.

    -Have at least decent mic quality and a quiet recording space with no background noises! I want us to sound amazing!!

    -You don't have to sound exactly like the character you're auditioning for! You just need to emulate the general attitude and "feel" of the character in your audition!

    -If I feel as though your voice would match what I'm looking for in a character other than the one/s you auditioned for, I may cast you as such! If you aren't okay with that, please say so in the comments of your audition and I'll note it when casting!

    -I'd like for us all to be friendly with one another! No bullying or talking negatively of other people/groups/members!

    -You must have Discord! That way, we can keep things organised and we'll have a way to easily communicate with everyone~

    Deadline is February 28th, the end of this month!
    I will listen to the auditions after that and cast results will be released by March 10th at the latest!

    Feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold