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    About ♥Love Live Chorus Group♥

    HIII So I am really into Love live and I really really really love Love Live! Muse and Aquors both are the best and I really wanted to cover their songs but I can't do it myself right? I need someone! So I decided to form this chorus group where we will cover every song in English!!!

    You just need to follow simple rules like:

    Have a decent mic (I am not telling have yeti or something,,,,, just it have to be a good mic with no background noises)

     Be friendly to others. Because I don't want any problems or want to replace someone. So be friendly and respectful around others so that our group can be maintained

    ♥ Be commited. Make sure you submit all the audios before the said deadline. We will give you 2 chances. If you still not give before the deadline,,,, you are replaced by someone

    ♥ Be active. I don't mind if you talk rarely or not,, just need to know that you are aware what is happening when songs are due or have been started

    ♥ Your audition must be in English. We all will sing in English,,, so I may translate the lyrics but I need someone too

    ♥ You may only audition for 2 characters. Not more than 2 roles ( It's true that I will not give you the both roles you audition,, but it may be a possiblity,,, If I love your first audition and casted you,,, and I love your second audition, then I will cast you or it will given to someone else

    ♥ If you didn't get the role, don't be upset. There are many more opportunities waiting for you // so next time //

    No bad words speaking. If you speak bad words, we will give you two chances, but if you still keep going, then I have to replace you

    ♥ English pronounciations must be good. I want people who is good with english pronounciations

    Voice. If you want to sound like the character, feel free to do it but don't stress it.,,,

    No trollers please! I am really serious about this project

    I need someone who can help me in:

    Writing Lyrics


    Whoever wants to audition for the above character please audition below (here) or mail me at: [redacted]      And please fill out the form for Lyricist, Mixing //  here:


    NOTE: PLEASE HAVE FUN WHILE AUDITIONING. If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comment box,,, And I will make sure to respond it quickly as I can. Whoever is selected for being Muse members they will also sing Aquors songs. WILL SELECT THE ROLES AFTER DEADLINE.


    Kotori // CuteCharm♥

    About the Creator: cupcakecutie

    Hiiiii! Um.....The only thing I like to say is // I love Idols and......aaaa.......CUPCAKES! // 

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