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    About Love Genie [Original Multi-Episode Audio Drama] Diverse 15+ Cast - Goraku Studio

    TITLELove Genie

    FORMAT: Audiodrama/book

    GENRE: Rom-com, drama, fantasy

    MESSAGE: "Love transcends all."

    TARGET AUDIENCE: Teens (14+)

    SETTING : New York City (Present day)

    [ Synopsis ]

    A soon-to-be married Nigerian woman, fed up with the limitations of her every day life, moves to New York in hopes of becoming a star in musical theater. After failing countless auditions, she 'accidentally' wonders into a gay bar where she meets and falls in love with a south-Korean bartender. After a drunken one night stand together, the charming drink server reveals that they're a rare being called a 'Love Genie' that, when in love with someone, must grant them three wishes or face death. Because of the loopholes that come with wish-granting, the genie hesitates to do so, but as their health deteriorates they are left with no choice.

    The main characters consist of Abayomi and Rae Byung, and the supporting roles being George, Camilla, Adrien, and Lucy. The other characters aren't as crucial to the plot as the others but still play an influential role, mainly as family members. Because they come later on in the plot, they will be closed as of now. Regardless of who you audition for, please read all the character bio's as they are all connected in one way or another.

    [ Characters (15+ Cast Size) ]

    [ OPEN ] Abayomi Tinibu - Main

    [ OPEN ] Song Rae Byung - Main

    [ OPEN ] George Haywood - Supporting

    [ OPEN ] Lucy Lee - Supporting

    [ OPEN ] Camilla Rodrìguez - Supporting

    [ OPEN ] Adrien Baudin - Supporting

    [ OPEN ] Park Dong Woo - Supporting

    [ OPEN ] Isabella Rodrìguez - Minor

    [ OPEN ] Rosaline the Bird Feeder - Minor


    *This role will go to 3-4 people who will be called on to voice various background or infrequent characters.

    [ *To-Be Casted Later ]

    [ TO-BE OPEN ] Abeo Tinibu - Minor

    [ TO-BE OPEN ] Opal Tinibu - Minor

    [ TO-BE OPEN ] John Haywood - Minor

    [ TO-BE OPEN ] Lillian Haywood - Minor

    [ TO-BE OPEN ] Song Jae Un - Minor

    [ TO-BE OPEN ] Song Sung Min - Minor

    *These characters will be added to a new casting call when the time comes.

    [ Requirements ]

    • As expected, you must have a decent microphone. Even if you're a great actor, you'll be immediately disqualified for a lack of average/above average sound quality. If you are waiting for a new set-up, please hold off until you have it.

    • Must have a reliable Google account. This is how we will communicate and receive lines.

    • You do not have to be of the race or accent of the character. Just know that they will be linked to that certain lineage. I do ask however that if you do go for a more ethnic role that you have a North American accent rather than say Camilla, a Mexican woman, having a Japanese accent.  

    • Because this is dealing with more mature themes, you must be at least 14 years or older to audition. This goes for both male and female roles.

    • Experience is not required. All skill levels are encouraged to audition; try your best!

    • If selected, lines must be recorded without heavy editing as a mono track rather than stereo.

    • There is no monetary compensation planned at this time, only publicity.

    [ Please note that this story does touch on sexuality and the LGBTQ+ Community, so if you are uncomfortable with the subject this may not be the project for you. Thank you for understanding. ]

    DEADLINE: July 20th



    This is an audiodrama, meaning it will be audio only with minimal visuals. Due to that I do expect emotion when delivering lines. This project will be uploaded in episodes (unsure of how long until the lines are given; aiming for 10-20 minutes each) so this can be considered a long-term project. Currently planning on releasing them through YouTube & SoundCloud; the actors of course will be credited and receive their own copy. Our goal is to go all out with this project; music, voices, and all. Can't wait to see you all your wonderful auditions!

    In the case that an actor drops out, this casting call will be open for as long as possible. Recruiting back up actors may also be a possibility.

    If you have any questions or concerns, contact me on CCC or at studiogoraku(at)

    *The lines provided are not from the script. These are random lines that helps provoke emotion. Remember to put yourself in the characters shoes and act out! The bigger the better.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold