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Ashley The Simmer's Previously Completed Works

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About Lost Souls - A Sims 4 Voice Over Series

ATTENTION!!! This series has some very dark subject matters and some of it is very morbid, this means you have to be comfortable with acting in a series that involves murder, swearing, suicide and things like that. 

Synopsis: When a young couple is brutally murdered on a summer trip to Granite Falls, chaos ensues in the once sleepy town of Windenburg, people are forced to put their guards back up after years of having them down, and the victims' family and friends are hoping for justice, which might be closer than it appears....quite literally.


  • MUST BE COMMITTED ~ This is a series that may or may not end up being a few seasons long (each season will focus on different characters AHS style though) 

  • MUST ENJOY IT! ~ Honestly that should be a given because what is the point if my actors don’t enjoy it?!?

  • THIS IS UNPAID ~ I do this as a hobby.

  • EMOTION, EMOTION, EMOTION ~ Emotion goes a long way in any form of acting so try to put as much emotion as you can into your lines!!!

  • AND LASTLY TRY TO BE ON TIME ~ i will be giving deadlines for you guys to have lines in, you don’t have to have them in the day of the deadline but try not to be like 3 weeks late, let me know if something comes up and you can’t get your lines in on time, I’ll extend deadlines if needed.

Now onto some details about the series!!!

What’s The Genre? - Murder Mystery, Ghost Story 

How Many Characters are there? - 16 leads and at least 7 extras.

How long will each season be? - I’m hoping it will be within the range of five or six, fifteen to thirty minute long episodes.

Can I drop out later on? - if something comes up in your life or you simply aren’t enjoying it anymore i’ll allow it but i would prefer if you don’t drop out (in the middle of a season that is). Towards the end of each season i will ask everyone if they want to continue voicing for this series or if the want to drop out.

When is the deadline for auditions? - at the moment there is no set date i've been trying to get this cast together for over a year now so i know this will take time.

Will screaming and crying be involved? - Simply put, YES for certain characters.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold