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    About Looking For Writers (Minecraft Roleplay seires)

    Hello! I am Unknown End am I am in need of writers to help me write an episodic series that will be posted on youtube. 

    My series is going to be a modern theme and set in high school. The story will be portrayed through minecraft. The writers I would like to have are some with experience with writing beyond English class. Anything involving writing can be counted for such as fanfics, books, original online stories, a YouTube series as so on will count. If you haven't done any of these that's still ok, you could have amazing creativity and are just starting to write I won't judge by age or experience. I will judge by maturity, reliability, activeness, and cooperation.  

    I will now explain what the story is... 

    Landen Cambik is an orphan with two other orphans living with him Scott Yenor and Ryan Gual. Landen is now starting his first day in high school however somethings off about him, he doesn't show emotion. Landen might not have the best luck in making friends... he might get picked on instead for his ability to not show emotion. This world is filled with Humans, Werewolf's, Vampires, and witches it's a fantasy world, but it's like any other world.

    Now for Requirements

    Number 1: Microphone (Now this isn't technically required since we write, but I find communicating more easier to get ideas a crossed)

    Number 2: BE ACTIVE (I know that people get busy with life and others things, but please try to be around to help even if no ones around help with the story if you care about working on it) 

    Number 3: Be a Team Player (ideas can be conflicted and go against each other but don't start a fight or get upset if another idea gets picked and yours doesn't we're all writers so let's all be respectful)

    Number 4:  Maturity 

    Number 5: Have Discord (It's the most useful thing for me to use to contact people I need to talk to) 

    Number 6: Be creative (What this means is try to give as much original ideas as you can, don't just agree and add on, you won't become a better writer that way) 


    hopefully you are interested in joining my writer team. I look forward to meeting new people to work with and help each other become better writers! :) 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold