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Moral Sky's Previously Completed Works

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    About LimeLight Series Team


    Hello Sugars, This Is a Casting Call for a series were trying to do and build up a small team to help us bring it to life. the series is "LimeLight" a series that will be rated PG-13. Under Sky Studio Productions, that wants to showcase it's first original Series. We are now open for voice actors and other positions for the Animation Series This is a big project and looking forward to see it go.

    Another Thing concerning This project, we are planning on earning funding for this project, so that we can pay are team and the people working on this project with us. Prices for the project will range depending on the position and role you have in the project. 
    Lastly once you do join the project, you will be asked to read and sign a disclosure. As information of this project or production you can or cannot disclose to others or the internet unless given permission from the creator or owner.

    • LimeLight

    LimeLight is a series that mainly takes place in New Orleans, but soon from different states then countries. It focuses on the main heroine Ashira A.K.A Tequila. a Young filly that was born and raised in New Orleans. A kindergarten teacher by day and a Singer by night. She adventures through the reality and struggle of an upcoming star, with her friend "Cheryl" her background dancer. And an unexpected love interest voodoo man named, "Carter" that soon turn her world upside down. He becomes her manager to help her reach stardom, but for a price. She becomes a criminal, not fully aware she is one. Ashira The Singer & Tequila The Killer, A Complex and Twisted Life and Love Story. A Bonnie & Clyde Story with a Twist, Inspired by "Hazbin Hotel" & "Bonnie & Clyde Story" & "Princess and The Frog".


    To easier stay in contact while working on the project if your not available or more information concerning the project, just email us 

    Which will also make it an easier access to know your email, in case we need to contact you about the project so we don't have to go looking and asking everyone what there emails are.


    What you need to communicate or be apart of this project. So to share and gather information from the team, is a Discord or WhatsApp(Recommended). Discord is what we highly recommend, because it is easier and much more efficient to talking with people all over the world. As well as organizing information and meetings with the team and Voice Actors/Actress. Google Classroom(REQUIRED), is required and you must use and keep up to date on what to submit. You will be given a link once you have joined the one of the two above.


    ~ People to meet or at least made available to work and help create the series, if you can not or know you won't be committed PLEASE DO NOT AUDITION OR SUBMIT ANYTHING!
    ~ Dedicated and committed to the project, don't join and then up and leave in the midst of the project, especially without contacting anyone. It puts a lot of stress on the team, and we don't want to waste our breath or time.
    ~ COMMUNICATION IS KEY. Please email the staff of any concerns you may have with anyone or project.
    ~ You are Required to join the meetings, because everything in the meeting discussed is very important and you need to know. You are excused from the meeting only for IMPORTANT REASONS!
    ~ If you are not active, miss certain meetings, and or deadlines. You are giving certain amounts of shots, you get 10 shots (Excused only if you contacted a staff and or if it was serious or important that you weren't able to and eventually you contacted a staff).
    ~ We are a bit strict, but this is a serious project. Creating a unique and interesting project for people to enjoy globally.

    • WHO ARE WE?
      Sky Studio Productions, is a small animation cartoon company. For profiting and non-profiting animation projects, with a fun a friendly staff, and are quite welcoming to those that love watching shows from many unique talents throughout the world. Uphoria Studios Is another upcoming animation company for big projects to showcase globally


    For Those That can't access Our Server To Audition, were opening one on here for casting calls.

    About the Creator: MoralSky



    Heya Sugars, Sky here. I'm just a young upcoming filly through art and my writing. The main things I love and enjoy.
    I'm also in the process of learning animation, but I'm starting off with making storyboards and Animatics.


    After years of not drawing and writing, because of personal issues and work, I started back this year in January, and been drawing and writing things everyday, to retrieve the skills I lost as well as improve,


    I'm usually a busybody and always have a thousand projects, as well trying to build an animation company. To make animations I can enjoy and others enjoy as well, so I'm trying to earn funding to pay the people that's supporting me in it and making it a reality.


    Majority of the things I do are merely for fun, and improving my works as an artist and not be lazy lol, Like for example making animatics, and finding that want to collab on small projects that are just for fun.


    Which is why I joined The CastingCallClub, to find people that want to voice act for little projects for fun and when I begin to post videos on my Youtube. Also for my Bigger projects for my Company, I will eventually do those where I pay you for the voice acting^^


    To End This Shortly, I Like to have fun and for others to and that enjoy what I enjoy and like to do what I do. Also to improve and grow, I'm nice, considerate, understading, shy, and cheerful majority of the times.
    Just don't be rude or disrespectful to me, as simple as that!

    "If you don't have nothing nice to say, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!"
    ~ Simple Quote to Understand

    ♡Good Day Sugars ♡

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold