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About LEGO Punisher


After returning from war, Frank Castle’s family is brutally murdered after witnessing a gangland execution. Frank’s rage drives him into an adventure to seek vengeance through the Criminal Justice System, yet it repeatedly fails him as the mob, led by Billy Russo, have the case in their back pockets. The case eventually winds up being dropped after a series of manipulated setbacks, aggravating Castle into becoming the Punisher- waging his own war on the city’s criminal underworld- and seeking vengeance in his own form of punishment… death.

Deadline: February 1st, 2021

This is an animated project using LEGO to tell the story of Marvel's Punisher. Heavily inspired by the the comics. The characters include many mafia criminals (sometimes aggressively using profane language) with New York accents, as well as a dark and brooding protagonist. I'm looking for free talent as this is just a hobby, this project will go public to my 262 subscribers (as of now), and I'll be sure to credit all those involved in producing this project. If you get the role you'll be given a 30 page Script (.pdf) to voice your lines, so ensure that I'm able to contact you via e-mail.

Feel free to audition for any role!

About the Creator: motionbrickproductions

My name is Louis and I create LEGO stop-motion animations on YouTube, by the name of 'MotionBrickProductions'. I'm wildly passionate about what I do and I'm starting to take my craft more seriously, projects are becoming more ambitious, however this is still a hobby for now. If you'd like to contact me, feel free to private message me on this site.

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