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About [League of Legends] Varus: The Arrow of Retribution [Voice Update]

The bow remained hidden deep underground for centuries, unknown, untouched, and all but forgotten until Noxian invaders attacked Ionia. Two beast hunters - Valmar and his heartlight, Kai - fought the first wave of these invaders at the Temple of Pallas. Though their courage was great and drove off the attackers, Kai was mortally wounded. A grief-stricken Val carried him inside, praying the temple’s magic would restore him.

But the temple held only damnation, and both hunters were consumed by the unleashed power of the darkin. The very matter of their bodies was unraveled and bound together in a warp and weft of new flesh to craft a perfect body, fit to bear the soul of Varus. What emerged from the temple was a gestalt creature, pale and inhumanly beautiful, part human, part darkin, Varus was reborn as an entity with a war for supremacy being waged in its soul.

The human and darkin elements of this newborn body are in constant flux, with each element sometimes managing to wrest control of the body for a short time before being reined in by the other. Varus fights to overcome Val and Kai’s resistance once and for all so that he may wreak vengeance on mortals for the destruction of his race. But Kai and Val fight on against his malevolent influence, hoping against hope that their love can overcome the darkin’s baser urges.

How long Val and Kai can keep Varus fully at bay is anyone’s guess, but should this sadistic and egotistical darkin killer come to fully dominate his new body, it is certain he will seek to reunite with the survivors of his race in hopes of reducing Runeterra to an ashen wasteland.

Varus has received updated lore, so Skin+ is giving him a new voice to match! The Arrow of Retribution is now a three-part entity:


This is the main role. Varus is the evil creature hellbent on world domination.


One part of the vessel restraining Varus, and Valmar's lover


The other part of the human vessel, and Kai's lover

Varus will have a majority of the lines, but Kai and Valmer will have a few lines to demonstrate how Varus' control over his own body is slipping.

Kai and Valmer speak as one unit, while Varus (who has main control of the body) speaks as his own person as well.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold