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    About Lead Female Needed | Our Clique - Sims 3 VO Series

    First episode:

    Sadly, the voice actress for Winter in my Sims 3 VO Series can no longer voice for her, so I’m recasting. If you do not know, Winter is the main character, and has lots of lines. She narrates at least once in most episodes, so the ability to read long paragraphs in one go is kind of necessary. She also swears a bit, though nothing too extreme.

    Unfortunately if you auditioned for Winter way back when the original casting call was out, and you still want a shot at the role, then you will have to re-audition. This is because of two reasons. One, you may have improved in the months since, or you may have gotten a new mic, etc., and two, because I don’t have the time to hunt down old files from months back.


    • - Clear mic. This is a must. Winter is the main character and the narrator of the story, so people must be able to understand everything she is saying.

    • - No background noises. Audition when the house is quite, not when your entire family is over for dinner. And please avoid auditioning when you have friends over, or at midnight when you have to whisper.

    • - Be dedicated. I’m really at the point where I don’t want to have a new voice for this one character every single episode.

    • - Meet deadlines. I usually give 3 weeks, but I’m fine with extending the deadline if you contact me and talk to me about it. If I don’t hear back after 2 months at the most I will recast.

    • - Show emotion,but don’t overact. Try to keep it realistic.

    • - Have fun. Most of all, this project is for fun. I don’t mind mucking around, and friendly, casual conversation one bit, as long as the lines get done in the end.

    • - Say each line multiple times.

    • - Be able to swear, and possibly say inappropriate things. Winter is not the nicest of people, and swears a bit here and there. Though it's nothing too intense so don't worry too much.

    If need be, you can contact me through email at: [redacted]

    OR through Skype at: aussiemerach

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold