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Mas7erkingchris's Previously Completed Works

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    About Lakewood High (Minecraft RolePlay Voice Actors Needed)

    "The Deadline might change if theirs any circumstances occur"

    Lakewood High is a school roleplay that is realistic and funny but it's more so for teens because of killing that happens in the roleplay. Think of this series as a yandere type roleplay. This series contain drugs, alcohol, guns, blood, mystery, love, and drama. The roleplay will mainly be cinematic so you don't have to be here when recording.


    The town of Lakewood was normal before a mass murder started killing random students that go to Lakewood. One student, in particular, Jin Wade was a victim do to the killer contacting him through means of calling, texting, emailing, DMs. He/She would send messages in the forms for but are not limited to gifts and threatening phone calls. Many teenagers were put in danger because of this horrific events. The killer would kill in ways but are not limited to dismemberment, stabbing, blunt force trauma, drowning, and torture. The killer was masked so we couldn’t see who he was but all that was known was he lived in the town of Lakewood and he would kill again.

    Youtube Channels

    ★Jin - Ma7erkingchris


    ★Kie - Shamarboss Gamer


    ★Zane - SonicCraft 324


    ★Ruby - J_bop


    ★Alexa - DaniDoes MC/RP


    ★Jai - EndingGamer



    "There are some requirements to be accepted"

    🌟 A good microphone, no background noise, and it has to be clear enough so I can hear

    🌟 Must Be 13 or older (be mature don't do anything too childish)

    🌟 Must Have discord "skype is so old and not that good anymore Discord is the new thing"

    Extras (These are not required but it will increase your chance of being accepted)

    🌟 Show that you can do other emotions like (sadness, anger, joy, shyness, etc)

    🌟 Have a Minecraft account

    🌟 Know about Mods 

    🌟 If you have Ideas don't be shy to say them, just tell us it will help a lot


    You can audition for two roles, but you can only get one role.

    Pictures and the Roles will be edited and changed soon, these are just the parents for now and btw we are very picky on which voice we are accepting. If this goes well you could be in future projects.

    The pictures of the characters are just a general idea of how they look, new ones are coming soon.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold