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About Kpop Cover group B9 Auditions!

We shine, B9! Hello everyone! My name's Tyler and i'm the founder and leader of this kpop cover group! ^^ I'm a rookie vocalist and rapper and have taken dance lessons as well as been in a choir when i was younger. I love love love to sing and i love Kpop so i decided to make a Kpop Cover Group! I wish to welcome everyone to join! Wether you want to join as a vocalist/rapper, mixer, video editor, media manager og just join a new group of Kpop lovers, you're all welcome!

The name B9 comes from a slightly mispronounced way of saying Light/Gleam in Korean, 빛(actually pronounced bich lolol).

Though i hope in the future we can do english covers if we can find an English Lyric writer, the group will mostly start off as being a Korean cover group, this is why it'd be really good if you think you can pronounce Korean pretty okay or at least can read romanitized Korean. If you're not confident in your Korean pronunciation but is in your singing skills then we're always here to help you! ^^
Having a background in some kind of music lesson or other kinds of groups will also most likely boost your chance of being able to Join, of course this is different for everyone and we mostly look at your potential, again, we're here to help

I want to inform that even though we'll be doing custom line distributions for songs from artists that have more or less than 9 members, some covers will be done with less than 9 people. This makes us very flexible and if everyone can't or would prefere not to sing the song then we'll be doing the cover with less members.

There are a few requirements for being able to join including -
Have Discord! This will be our main way of communication!
Have Instagram! I'm more online there than i am on Discord so if you urgently need me then that's the best way to contact me, another communication method.
Have an Okay Mic! At least make sure there's not a bunch of background noise and summing in the background of your recording. You can either use an actual Mic or a really good headphone with mic like me haha.
Don't cause drama, this is made for fun and even though we wish to keep it mature and lowkey professional, we're also allowed to joke around.
Respect others and support them. Making others feel bad about themselves is a no go, this is a supportive, helpful and happy group!

If you wish to contact me for any questions then use @kng_tyty or @Ankha_cos on Instagram as i rarely answer to messages here on CCC. Hope to see you all audition and i can't wait to see all of your amazing talent! ^^


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold